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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant George Vyvyan Naylor-Leyland in Vendresse Churchyard, France. Main topics include: correspondence regarding the initial burial location of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland; correspondence from next of kin requesting the location of the grave and plan of the churchyard; correspondence with the relatives of Captain Grenfell, who was buried in the same grave as Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland, regarding the exhumation of the grave; correspondence with next of kin regarding decision not to open the grave; Later correspondence regarding concerns over the burial locations of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland and Captain Grenfell; correspondence with next of kin enquiring about the erection of joint or separate headstones; correspondence with next of kin regarding approval of headstone layout and personal inscription for separate headstones.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Reverend H.W. Blackburn to Edward Naylor-Leyland, brother of the casualty, regarding the initial burial of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland in a long grave in Vendresse Churchyard, dated 9 October 1919; internal note from W.H. Bolton regarding a call from Edward Naylor-Leyland who visited the churchyard and failed to find the grave of his brother, but believed he was buried next to the grave of Lieutenant Jack, Cameron Highlanders, dated 24 October 1919; sketch plan of Vendresse Churchyard showing the positions of the long grave, additional English graves, and French graves, undated; handwritten letter from Lady Naylor-Leyland, mother of the casualty, requesting a plan of the churchyard and for a representative from the IWGC to call her, dated 8 November 1919; letter from Messrs. Vertue Son & Chamber, on behalf of the Naylor-Leyland family, to the IWGC Secretary requesting that a relative of the casualty be present at the exhumation to identify the remains, and for assurances that the body was not removed from Vendresse Churchyard, dated 15 November 1919; letter from Major D.A.A.G., for Major-General, Director-General Graves Registration and Enquiries (DGGRE), to Mrs. L. Bulteel, brother of Captain R. Grenfell, regarding the proposed exhumation of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland’s grave, as they were buried in the same grave, dated 23 March 1920; letter from Field Marshall Lord Grenfell, uncle of Lieutenant Grenfell, to Major Stopford, D.A.A.G., agreeing to the exhumation of his nephew for identification, dated 25 March 1920; telegram from the DGGRE, War Office, to the Directorate Graves Registration and Enquiries, St. Pol, regarding the postponed opening of the graves due to difficulties getting all representatives together for the exhumation, dated 4 August 1920; letter from Colonel A.M. Grenfell, father of Captain Grenfell, informing Major Stopford that he and Edward Naylor-Leyland agreed not to open the grave as they were satisfied to leave things as they were, dated 26 November 1920; letter from the IWGC Director of Records to the IWGC Deputy Controller regarding decision to erect a joint cross on the grave of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland and Captain Grenfell, dated 16 June 1922; internal note to Major Stopford regarding request from Lady Naylor-Leyland to erect a private headstone over the grave of Lieutenant Naylor-Leyland, and the Commission’s refusal to grant permission, dated 1 March 1923; letter from the IWGC to Colonel A.M. Grenfell enquiring whether a joint headstone or two individual headstones were preferred for the grave of Captain Grenfell, dated 3 March 1923; letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to Messrs. Vertue Son & Churcher regarding the wishes of Captain Grenfell’s family to erect separate headstones, dated 4 April 1923; letter from Messrs. Vertue Son & Churcher to the IWGC Secretary regarding the approval of the headstone layout and desired personal inscription, dated 26 January 1925.
Date9/10/1919 - 12/9/1932
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Davis (Trainee Archivist) on 22/10/2019.
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