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TitleBrigadier General THOMAS PAKENHAM, Fifth Earl of Longford - GREEN HILL CEMETERY - General Staff

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding Brigadier General Thomas Pakenham, the Fifth Earl of Longford, believed to be buried in Green Hill Cemetery, Turkey. The majority of the correspondence detail the enquiries of Mary Julia Pakenham, Countess of Longford, as to the location of her husband's grave following a rumour that his body had been identified, and her concerns that his personal effects had been lost or stolen by Turkish soldiers.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Lady Longford to Major Stopford, detailing that Lord Longford was heavily tattooed on his chest but that she doubted if the pigments would be visible after four years, and asking if any other missing officers from his unit had been identified, 30 November 1919; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Lady Longford, informing her that it had been impossible to identity the individual grave of Lord Longford but that he was believed to be buried in Green Hill Cemetery, 5 January 1921; enquiry form filled out on behalf of Lady Longford, explaining that she had heard a rumour that the remains of her husband had been found and identified by his disc and sought to know if it was true, 26 October 1921; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Lady Longford, informing her that no information regarding identification of her husband had been received from the IWGC headquarters in Gallipoli, and asking her to pass on the source of her information, 22 December 1921; reply from Lady Longford, quoting the letter she had received from Lady Rumbold whose mother had toured Gallipoli and mentioned Lord Longford, 26 December 1921; letter from Colonel Cyril Emerson Hughes, Deputy Director of Works, Gallipoli, to the Director of Records, saying he had accompanied Sir Horace and Lady Rumbold and admitting he had answered questions in a way which may have confused her, 11 February 1922; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Lady Longford, explaining that Colonel Hughes had pointed out both where Lord Longford fell and where General Paul Kenna VC was buried and believed she had confused the two men, 8 March 1922; note from 'W H B', saying that Lady Longford raised concerns over a special memorial headstone being erected for her husband, thinking that visitors may believe it marked the actual grave, 18 July 1922; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Lady Longford, explaining that the headstone would clearly indicate it did not mark a grave, but was being put in Green Hill Cemetery because it was believed Long Longford was buried there, 22 July 1922; handwritten note from R G Silk, describing that Lady Longford and her daughter had visited Gallipoli and had been told by an IWGC representative that he had recovered the badge of rank of a Brigadier General near the spot where Lord Longford had reportedly been killed, and that she had raised concerns that her husband's watch and ring should have been found and used to identify his body, leading her to believe that his remains had not been found at all, stamped 15 June 1927; letter from Lord Arthur Browne, Principal Assistant Secretary, to Colonel Hughes, asking if there was any possibility that Turkish soldiers would have stripped the bodies of British soldiers, 24 June 1927; reply from Colonel Hughes, stating that no watch or ring was ever found, and the badge of rank may have been carried by another soldier as a souvenir, and suggesting that there was no evidence to support the idea that Lord Longford was buried in Green Hill Cemetery, 5 July 1927.
Date30/11/1919 - 25/4/2000
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