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TitleSub-Lieutenant RUPERT CHAWNER BROOKE - SKYROS (ISOLATED GRAVE) - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the isolated grave of Sub-Lieutenant Rupert Chawner Brooke, the English poet, in Skyros, Greece. Main topics include: correspondence between next of kin and Fabian Ware regarding decision not to disturb the grave; correspondence from next of kin regarding arrangements for the purchase and maintenance of the grave; newspaper clippings concerning the St. Barnabas Pilgrims visit to Skyros, and unmaintained condition of the grave; correspondence regarding the cost and completion of construction works to the grave; correspondence regarding arrangements for the future maintenance of the grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to the Directorate of Graves and Registration regarding instructions that the grave of Sub-Lieutenant Brooke was not to be moved from the island of Skyros, dated 17 March 1920; handwritten letter from Mrs. M.R. Brooke, mother of the casualty, to Fabian Ware regarding her decision to have the grave remain at Skyros, and to buy the corresponding plot of land, dated 19 April 1921; letter from Lieutenant Colonel E.H. Jarvis, Deputy Director of Works, Macedonia, to Fabian Ware regarding the Monastery’s decision to give the land for the grave in perpetuity, the erection of an iron fence to protect the grave from straying sheep, and arrangements with the British Archaeology School at Athens to send someone to visit the grave each year, dated 13 June 1921; handwritten letter from Mrs. M.R. Brooke to Fabian Ware requesting the return of the wooden cross marking the grave of her son, W.A.C. Brooke, dated 20 July 1921; various newspaper clippings regarding the unmaintained condition of the grave, dated 1926; handwritten letter from Mrs. M.R. Brooke to Eddie H. Marsh, HM Treasury, regarding her decision to give the IWGC control of the grave, as it was proving too difficult to maintain, dated 22 February 1928; letter from the IWGC Director of Works to Captain A.F. Menzies, Area Superintendent, Macedonia, requesting that W.A. Heurtley, British School of Archaeology, visit and inspect the grave and forward full particulars with drawings or photographs, dated 3 April 1928; copy letter from W.A. Heurtley providing all available information about Sub-Lieutenant Brooke’s grave, dated 13 July 1928; newspaper clippings regarding the visit of St. Barnabas Pilgrims to the grave, dated 5 September 1928; memorandum from Major Stopford regarding the St. Barnabas Pilgrim’s visit to the grave, dated 11 September 1928; letter from Fabian Ware to Mrs. M.R. Brooke regarding the completion of the memorial, and arrangements for the Abbot of the local Monastery to maintain the grave, dated 23 October 1928; copy letter of the personal inscription in Greek and translation, undated; Letter from Captain Menzies to the IWGC Director of Works regarding the cost of works to complete the memorial, and request for a further grant, dated 29 March 1929; newspaper clippings from the Egyptian Mail and Times regarding the erection of a memorial to Sub-Lieutenant Brooke, dated 14 April 1929 and 29 April 1929; letter from the IWGC Chief Accountant to Mrs. M.R. Brooke regarding total expenditures on Sub-Lieutenant Brooke’s memorial, dated 28 September 1929; letter from Fabian Ware to Mrs. M.R. Brooke regarding the completion of works to the memorial, and balance owed to the Commission for costs related to the transport of materials and workmen, dated 30 September 1929; letter from the IWGC Director of Works to the Vice-Chairman regarding arrangements for Mr. Petriolo, of Grecian Marbles Ltd., to maintain the grave, dated 22 January 1930; newspaper clippings regarding the proposal to erect a monument to Sub-Lieutenant Brooke on the island of Skyros, dated February and March 1930.
Date17/3/1920 - 4/5/1933
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Davis (Trainee Archivist) on 23/10/2019.
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