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TitleBrigadier General WALTER LONG - COUIN BRITISH CEMETERY - General Staff

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Brigadier General Walter Long in Couin British Cemetery, France. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding request photographs and visit to the grave; correspondence from next of kin requesting the erection of a wooden fence around the grave and return of the wooden cross; correspondence regarding next of kin’s desire to supply special shrubs for the grave; correspondence from next of kin requesting an update on the condition of the grave and cemetery, and for additional photographs; enquiry concerning a silver Maltese cross placed on the wooden cross by next of kin, and amendments to the headstone layout; correspondence regarding the erection of a Commission headstone, and subsequent delivery of the wooden cross to next of kin; correspondence regarding the delayed completion of the cemetery; correspondence regarding the next of kin’s visit to the grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from H.F. Batterbee, Colonial Office, on behalf of Walter H. Long, father of the casualty, to Captain Taylor, Director of Graves Registration and Enquiries (DGRE), requesting a dozen photographs of Brigadier General Long’s grave, and enquiring whether Mrs. Long, widow of the casualty, was able to visit the grave, dated 25 February 1917; letter from Captain Taylor to H.F. Batterbee explaining that visitation might not possible as Couin Cemetery was located near the front and women were only permitted at the Base and Lines of Communication, dated 27 February 1917; letter from Fabian Ware notifying Colonel Messer. that Walter H. Long was travelling to France to visit his son’s grave, dated 6 March 1917; letter from Lieutenant-Colonel A.A.G. for Brigadier-General, DGRE, to the Officer Commanding, Graves Registration Units, regarding request from Walter H. Long that a wooden fence be erected around Captain Taylor’s grave, dated 16 March 1917; letter from Walter H. Long to Fabian Ware requesting for the return of the wooden cross, dated 4 December 1918; copy letter from Walter H. Long to the IWGC Secretary enquiring if it was possible to send special shrubs from the family home for planting on the grave, dated 25 May 1920; handwritten letter from Arthur Hill to Arthur Brown, IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary, providing a list of plants suitable for Couin Cemetery, dated 7 June 1920; letter from W. Tyrell to Arthur Browne providing a list of shrubs Walter H. Long planned to send for the grave of his son, dated 10 November 1920; letter from Viscount Long of Wraxall to the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary requesting an update on the condition of Couin Cemetery, dated 21 July 1921; handwritten letter from Lord Long to Fabian Ware requesting a photograph of the grave and for the wooden cross to be returned, dated 9 October 1922; letter from Lord Long to Fabian Ware enquiring whether a silver Maltese cross placed on the grave was still intact, and if it was possible to view the headstone design prior to erection, dated 30 November 1922; letter from Fabian Ware notifying Lord Long that a headstone was erected and that the wooden cross would be despatched shortly, dated 19 July 1923; letter from Major Ralph Glyn to Fabian Ware enquiring whether the widow and son of Brigadier General Long would be able to visit Couin Cemetery, and request for information and advice on travel, dated 11 April 1927; letter from Fabian Ware to Major Ralph Glyn explaining that Couin Cemetery was not yet completed due to issues with the French contractor, dated 2 August 1947; letter from Major Glyn to Fabian Ware discussing his visits to Couin Cemetery, Sailly Cemetery, and Chappelle Armentieres, and praising the Commission’s work to date, dated 30 April 1928.
Date1/2/1917 - 9/1/1929
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Davis (Trainee Archivist) on 15/10/2019.
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