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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Captain Guy Teale in St Pol Communal Cemetery Extension. The documents detail the dispute between Captain Teale's father, and his mother and sister, over the details inscribed on his headstone.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mr Herbert Greenwood-Teale, Captain Teale's father, asking for the location of the grave and whether it was marked or numbered, 25 August 1916; handwritten letter from Mr Greenwood-Teale, pointing out that his son's surname was Greenwood-Teale, 25 September 1916; letter from the Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries to Mrs V M Teale, Captain Teale's mother, giving the location of her son's grave and disproving the rumour that graves in France would be dug up as the French and British military authorities had forbade exhumations, 12 October 1916; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mr Greenwood-Teale, stating that the name he had submitted on the final verification form was too long to be engraved, 4 November 1922; reply from Mr Greenwood-Teale, confirming that he wanted the name to appear as 'Guy N Greenwood-Teale', 6 November 1922; memorandum from the Secretary of the Enquiries Branch, with the information that Mrs Teale, separated from her husband, was distressed at the thought of her son's surname appearing as 'Greenwood-Teale' as he had never used it that way and was estranged from his father, and pointed out that her husband had not corrected her son's rank or submitted a personal inscription, 5 March 1924; typed copy of Captain Teale's last letter to his mother and sister, dated 27 April 1916, received by the IWGC on 9 March 1924; handwritten drafts of the personal inscription from his mother and sister, 7 May 1924; handwritten letter from Mrs Teale to Major Stopford, emphasising the poor behaviour of her husband and asking that her wishes be respected, 11 April 1924; a further letter from Mrs Teale to Major Stopford, speaking of her distress and misery at the thought her son's headstone would be engraved differently to what he would have wished, 10 June 1924; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mr Greenwood-Teale, informing him that Captain Teale was not registered in the Army List as 'Greenwood-Teale' and as such the name should be inscribed 'Guy N Teale' or 'Guy N G Teale', 5 August 1924; reply from Mr Greenwood-Teale, insisting that 'Greenwood-Teale' be inscribed on the headstone as a matter of family record, 8 August 1924; copy of the probate of the will of Captain Teale, stating that Mr Greenwood-Teale had renounced the administration of his estate, dated 2 October 1917, sent to Major Stopford at Mrs Teale's request on 4 September 1924; letter from the Land and Legal Advisor to the Enquiries branch, stating that Mr Greenwood-Teale had no legal right to speak for his son's estate, and also that the Commission were not bound to include 'Greenwood' as it was not the name that Captain Teale preferred, 15 September 1924; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mr Greenwood-Teale, informing him that in light of his renunciation of administration, the Commission felt obliged to follow the wishes of the administratrix of Captain Teale's estate, namely his sister, Mrs Phyllis Ebbles (née Teale), which were that of her mother's, 17 September 1924; letters of thanks from both Mrs Teale and Mrs Ebbles to Major Stopford, 18 September 1924; letter to Mrs Teale, informing her that a replacement headstone, inscribed with the details she submitted, had been erected on her son's grave, 2 February 1925; letter to Mrs Dawson (previously Mrs Teale), in response to her enquiry, with the information that her son's grave was planted with roses and helianthemum and the headstone clean and intact, 18 January 1946.
Date25/8/1916 - 7/2/1946
Extent1 file
ArchNoteRepackaged by Jenny Turner (Trainee Archivist), 16 October 2019
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