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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Colonel Ernest Wight in Ferme-Olivier Cemetery in Belgium. The correspondence details the maintenance of a private memorial built over the grave by Colonel Wight's fellow officers, and its eventual removal, with the family's consent.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs Janet Leigh Wight, Colonel Wight's wife, enquiring as to the condition of the grave and whether something could be done to keep it in order, and asking if a photograph could be taken, 5 November 1916; reply from the Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries, informing her that a photograph would be sent as soon as circumstances permitted, 7 February 1917; reply from Mrs Wight, correcting the spelling of Wright to Wight, 12 February 1917; handwritten letter from Mrs Wight, asking if it was possible for the granite cross erected by Colonel Wight's fellow officers could remain on the grave, 11 December 1919; handwritten letter from Mrs Wight, seeking permission to plant bulbs or roses on her husband's grave if no planting had been done already by the Commission, 29 August 1920; reply from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Wight, informing her that the Commission employed their own gardening staff and no planting was permitted by relatives, 13 September 1920; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Wight, explaining that the Commission had decided to erect uniform headstones on the graves of the war dead to reflect the comradeship and common sacrifice, and asking her whether, in light of this, she would like the private memorial to remain on the grave, 12 February 1921; note signed by 'W H B' stating that Mrs Wight would prefer to leave the memorial undisturbed, 27 April 1921; internal correspondence expressing concerns over the private memorials remaining in cemeteries for both aesthetic and practical reasons, February-March 1922; report from the Director of Works to Mr Greene [likely B S Conyngham Greene, Private Secretary to IWGC Vice Chairman], with the information that the private memorial had become loose and was tilting, 9 December 1938; handwritten letter from Mrs Wight, apologising that the private memorial cross was causing trouble and offering to pay for its renovation, 7 January 1939; reply from the Secretary, stating that the Commission would be prepared to carry out the work of maintenance if Mrs Wight took responsibility for the cost, 13 January 1939; letter from the Secretary to Mrs Wight, informing her that the work had been carried out and came to a total of thirteen shillings and sixpence, 16 June 1939; enquiry form from Miss Helen Wight, Colonel Wight's daughter, asking again for a report on the condition of the grave, as previous enquiries in 1945 and 1946 had gone unanswered, and whether it was possible for her to bury or scatter her mother's ashes at the grave, 29 November 1948; telegram from the Chief Administrative Officer in Belgium, responding that the cross was in good condition and the grave planted with roses and herbaceous plants, 10 January 1949; letter from F Tyrell, IWGC Secretary, to Miss H Wight, passing on the condition report and granting permission for her mother's ashes to be scattered at the grave, providing there was no publicity, 13 January 1949; handwritten letter from Miss Noel Wight, Colonel Wight's daughter, informing the Commission that she and her sister would be visiting the cemetery to scatter her mother's ashes, 6 July 1951; report from the Regional Works Officer to the Secretary, with the information that the private memorial required complete renovation, 23 April 1959; handwritten letter from Miss H Wight, agreeing that due to its poor condition the granite cross could be removed, but asking that the inscription in memory of her mother be added to the Commission headstone, 1 September 1959; handwritten letter from Miss H Wight, confirming she would send a cheque for four pounds to cover the cost of the inscription on the headstone, 7 February 1960; handwritten letter from Miss H Wight, thanking the Commission for removing the delapidated memorial and engraving the new inscription, 14 March 1960.
Date05/11/1916 - 28/03/1960
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