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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Second Lieutenant Norman de Pomeroy in Cagnicourt British Cemetery, France. The correspondence relates to an enquiry from Miss Gladys de Pomeroy, the casualty's sister, who wished to scatter the ashes of their mother on his grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Miss Gladys de Pomeroy, Second Lieutenant de Pomeroy's sister, asking permission to inter her mother's ashes in his grave, and enquiring whether the cemetery had been damaged during the Second World War, 6 October 1946; note from John Mackintosh to Major Tyrrell, stating that Miss de Pomeroy had telephoned to repeat her request and that he had passed her on to the France office, 20 December 1946; further letters from Miss de Pomeroy, January-April 1947, repeating her request and expressing dissatisfaction at the lack of reply; letter from the IWGC Secretary to Miss Pomeroy, apologising for the delay in answering, and informing her there would be no objection to her scattering her mother's ashes at the grave, provided it was done unobtrusively and without a ceremony, 15 April 1947; note from W P L Arnott, on behalf of the Chief Administrative Officer (France), to the IWGC Vice Chairman, with the information that Miss de Pomeroy and three others had visited the cemetery, laid two wreaths, and scattered the ashes on 29 May 1947, 14 June 1947.
Date6/10/1946 - 14/6/1947
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