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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Brigadier General Sir John Edmond Gough VC KCB CMG in Estaires Communal Cemetery, France. Main topics include: correspondence with Lady Gough, widow of General Gough, concerning the purchase of the grave site by Gough's brother, Sir Hubert Gough and the erection of an iron cross over the grave as well as a proposal to erect a memorial (designed by Eric Gill) over the grave; suggestions to modify the proposed private memorial; correspondence regarding Lady Gough's wishes to have Zephyriem Drouhin roses grown in her garden taken and planted in sites in France; correspondence regarding next of kin's choice of personal inscription engraved on Gough's headstone; correspondence for the arrangements for engraving and erecting the headstone over the grave; correspondence regarding enquiries from Sir Hubert Gough about the condition of First World War graves in Ypres and his brother's grave in Estaires during the Second World War; correspondence regarding condition of Commission 1914-1918 war cemeteries in France and Belgium in late 1944.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Lady Gough explaining she had enlisted Eric Gill to prepare a design for the proposed memorial for her husband's grave, dated 28 November 1919; Handwritten note giving dimensions of Lady Gough's private memorial and the Commission's headstone, undated; Handwritten letter from Sir Hubert Gough to Fabian Ware arranging an appointment to meet in London, dated 6 February 1920; Copy of note describing site of Gough's grave and the proposed memorial arranged by Lady Gough, undated; Copy letter from Major Stopford regarding Lady Gough's wishes to have Zephyriem Drouhin roses planted in sites in France, dated 29 November 1922; Copy letter from R.S. Lynch, Horticultural Officer in No. 2 Area (Armentieres), explaining that the 100 Rose plants sent out by Lady Gough were not suitable for border planting but could be utilised elsewhere in other cemeteries among shrubs, dated 24 November 1925; Order form for the register entry of Estaires Communal Cemetery giving Gough's details; Handwritten letter from Sir Hubert Gough to Sir Fabian Ware enquiring about the condition of First World War graves as he had been approached by a Mrs Nash whose son Captain Edward Nash and his comrades, Lieutenant James Beech and Major Arundell Neave, were buried at Ypres Town Cemetery, and his own brother was buried in Estaires, dated 12 September 1944; Copy response from Sir Fabian Ware to Sir Hubert Gough explaining that one of the Commission's gardeners reported in 1942 that he had visited Ypres in 1940 and discovered extensive damage to the cemetery there, but that the French and Belgian authorities had issued instructions in 1941 that British war graves and cemeteries should be maintained to the same standard as their own, dated 18 September 1944; Copy letter from Oliver Holt regarding damage in Estaires Communal Cemetery sustained during the Second World War, dated 16 December 1944; Copy letter from F.B. Grinham regarding inspection visit to Estaires Communal Cemetery on 14 November 1944 and that the cemetery was in relatively good condition, dated 22 December 1944; handwritten postcard from Sir Hubert Gough to Sir Fabian Ware thanking him for response and looking into the grave of Mrs Nash's son, dated 9 January 1945.
Date15/5/1919 - 9/1/1945
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