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TitleChaplain The Rev. JOHN LIONEL BACON - STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE - Young Men's Christian Association

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Reverend John Lionel Bacon, who is buried in Sainte Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. The majority of the correspondence is between the Imperial War Graves Commission and Mrs Charlotte Bacon, widow of Reverend Bacon.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs Bacon, enquiring as to the condition of her husband's grave, and whether the cemetery still existed after D-Day, 31 March 1949; reply from Frank Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, informing her that the majority of cemeteries escaped serious damage during the war years and were once again under the care of the Commission, 6 April 1949; a further letter from Frank Tyrell to Mrs Bacon, informing her that her husband's grave was in good condition and planted with roses, tulips, aubretia, and daffodils, and the headstone was intact and clean, 10 May 1949; handwritten letter from Mrs Bacon asking if the Commission arranged excursions to cemeteries, as she was planning to visit for the first time, 27 May 1959; reply from the IWGC Secretary, passing on the address of the British Legion, who organised visits and pilgrimages, 1 June 1959; handwritten letter from Major S E Sandle (retired), Churchwarden of Bromley Parish Church, asking for a photograph of Reverend Bacon's grave, as his own attempt to take a photograph did not develop well, 25 July 1959; reply from IWGC Secretary, directing Major Sandle to the British Legion, who provided photographs of graves, 30 July 1959; handwritten letter from Mrs Bacon, asking for the addresses of the next of kin of other casualties in Sainte Marie Cemetery, as she wished to write to them, 1 February 1960; reply from the Commission's Director General, inviting her to visit the office and view the cemetery register for the relatives' addresses, 8 February 1960; handwritten letter from Mrs Bacon, informing the Commission that she and her daughter had visited the grave and found it in beautiful condition, asking for the addresses of the relatives of casualties buried near her husband who died on the same day, and thanking the Commission for their work, 12 September 1960; reply from the Director General, passing on the addresses from the cemetery register, warning Mrs Bacon that they may be outdated, 22 September 1960; handwritten postcard from Mrs Bacon, informing the Director General that she had written and would let him know whether she received a reply, 8 October 1960.
Date31/3/1949 - 8/10/1960
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