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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude in Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq. Main topics include: Correspondence with Lady Maude regarding the registration of Maude's grave and proposal of erecting a memorial over the grave; Correspondence with Frederic Kenyon, Lady Maude and Edward Warren about the design of the memorial to be erected over Maude's grave; Correspondence and press cuttings regarding unveiling of statue to Maude in Baghdad; Correspondence and press cuttings regarding arrangements for the construction of Maude's tomb; Correspondence regarding construction of new tomb over Maude's grave and the removal of the bronze plaque from the old tomb; Correspondence regarding arrangements of sending a rubbing of the panel from the old tomb to Lady Maude; Correspondence regarding enquiry by Maude's son, Brigadier E.F. Maude about the condition of Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery in 1959; Correspondence concerning arrangements made for Maude's son to visit his father's grave in Baghdad and to have the grave photographed' ; Later internal correspondence from 2011 regarding enquiry about Maude's tomb.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy letter to Lady Maude regarding suggestion for the erection of a memorial over Maude's grave, dated 13 December 1918; Handwritten letter from Lady Maude to Fabian Ware regarding appointment of a Principal Architect for Mesopotamia, dated 20 December 1918; Copy letter from Ware to Major General Sir W.E. Marshall regarding Lady Ware's proposal for a private memorial to be erected over her husband's grave, dated 23 August 1918; Copy letter from Lord Arthur Browne to the Officer in Charge of the Australian Graves Services regarding proposed Australian Memorial Tablet at Baghdad, dated 2 December 1920; Copy memorandum from Lieutenant Colonel S. Smith, Deputy Director of Works regarding progress of work in Mesopotamia, stamped 2 August 1922; Copy note of interview with Major-General Ready concerning funds collected for an equestrian statue of General Sir Maude, dated 13 October 1922; Copy letter regarding letter received from Deputy Director of Works Mesopotamia about the architect's design for Baghdad (North Gate) Cemetery, dated 11 October 1922; Copy of press cutting from the Daily Express regarding statue of Maude being possibly reshipped to England for erection, dated 10 October 1922; Extract of minutes from 128th meeting of the Management Committee concerning Memorial to General Maude in Baghdad Cemetery, dated 19 October 1922; Handwritten letter from Sir Frederic Kenyon concerning Edward Warren's design of Maude's tomb, dated 30 October 1922; Handwritten letter from Warren to Kenyon concerning design of Maude's memorial, dated 28 November 1922; Copy of booklet titled 'Baghdad, November 19th 1917' about Maude's funeral ceremony; Handwritten letter from Lady Maude to Ware regarding Warren's design for her husband's memorial, dated 3 December 1922; Handwritten letter from Warren to Kenyon regarding adjustments to the design of Maude's memorial tomb, dated 7 December 1922; Handwritten letter from Kenyon to Ware regarding Warren's amended design, dated 7 December 1922; Handwritten letter from Lady Maude to Ware regarding suggested inscription for her husband's memorial, dated 18 December 1922; Press cutting from the Times reporting on the unveiling at Baghdad of General Maude's statue, dated 6 December 1923; Press cutting from the Times showing a photograph of the unveiling of Maude's statue, dated 18 December 1923; Sketch of concrete and brick memorial on Maude's grave, undated; Press cutting from the Evening Telegram, Toronto, Canada, showinga photograph of Maude's grave in Baghdad, dated 29 April 1924; Memorandum from George Peek, Registration Officer, regarding the demolition of the old tomb over Maude's grave and the building of a new one with description of the bronze panel on the old tomb, including inscription and sketch of the design, dated 25 November 1925; Extract from 82nd meeting minutes regarding unveiling of Cross of Sacrifice in Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery and of Maude's tomb in the same month, dated 18 November 1925; Handwritten letter from Lady Maude to Lord Browne regarding inscription on the exterior of Maude's tomb, dated 12 April 1926; Press cuttings from the Westminster Gazette and the Daily Mirror regarding widow of Colonel Doughty-Wylie's efforts to purchase her husband's grave and the return of the tablet over Maude's grave to London, dated 27 September 1928; Copy letter from Eleanor Barker, Honorary Secretary of St. Barnabas Pilgrimages regarding confirmation of the locations of the graves of Private A.C. Mason in Amara Cemetery, Lieutenant John Ellerthorpe Griffith, Captain M.B. Maude and General Sir Stanley Maude in Baghdad War Cemetery, Gunner A.E. Vanner, Major Herbert Hollins, 2nd Lt. J. Gatehouse and Captain Douglas Mackan in Basra War Cemetery, as well as Lieutenant I.R. Sumner in Kut War Cemetery, dated 11 March 1930; Enquiry form regarding visit by Brigadier E.F. Maude, son of General Sir Maude, enquiring into the condition of his son's tomb and Baghdad North Gate Cemetery in light of political situation in Iraq, dated 5 January 1959; Letter from E.F. Maude regarding response to his enquiry about his father's grave and the condition of Baghdad North Gate Cemetery, dated 24 March 1959; Copy letter to E.F. Maude from Director-General about situation in Iraq and inspection of cemeteries by Commission officials, dated 16 December 1959; Copy extract from tour report by Area Superintendent for Levant Area, dated 14 December 1960; Copy extracts from Southern Region Quarterly Report (1/10/1960 - 31/12/1960) Enquiry form regarding E.F. Maude's general enquiry about Baghdad, dated 4 September 1962; Copy extract from Southern Region Report for Quarter Ending 31/3/1965.
Date10/5/1918 - 6/7/2011
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