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TitlePrivate WILLIAM SHAUGHNESSY - BARNTON CEMETERY - Royal Army Service Corps

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private William Shaughnessy in Barnton Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence regarding the erection of a private memorial over Private Shaughnessy’s grave, and request to remove the Commission headstone still positioned at the front of the grave; correspondence from the CWGC permitting the removal of the Commission headstone; correspondence regarding a discrepancy between Private Shaughnessy’s date of death as listed in the Commission’s records and engraved on the private memorial by the next of kin.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from Herbert Williams, Manager, W.A. Rundle (Monumental Sculptors), to the CWGC explaining that a lawn memorial had been erected at the foot of Private Shaughnessy’s grave, and requesting the removal of the Commission headstone originally positioned at the head of the grave, dated 12 June 1962; letter from Herbert Williams to the CWGC Director-General stating that W. Shaughnessy was the present owner of the grave, and copy of letter sent to the CWGC Regional Director explaining that Private Shaughnessy’s wife and daughter were also interred in the grave, with sketch drawing of the lawn memorial, dated 2 July 1962; letter from A.R.C. Prentis, for the CWGC Director-General, to W. Shaughnessy explaining that the Commission did not object to the removal of their headstone, but wished to clarify the discrepancy between Private Shaughnessy’s date of death as listed in the Commission’s records (18 January 1920) and engraved on the private memorial (23 April 1920), dated 13 August 1962; letter from A.R.C. Prentis to W. Shaughnessy advising that the Commission’s recorded date of death for Private Shaughnessy be accepted, as that information had been provided by the next of kin following his death, and because the records held by the War Office had been destroyed during the Second World War, dated 22 August 1962; copy letter from E. Lawrence, Clerk, Barnton & Anderton Burial Joint Committee, to the Regional Works Officer, UK Region, stating that the Official Cemetery Records listed Private Shaughnessy’s date of interment as 23 April 1920, undated.
Date12/6/1962 - 18/10/1962
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