Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/2/533
File NumberCCM101753
TitleBoy 2nd Class J. T. PINCHION - EDMONTON CEMETERY, Middlesex - Royal Navy

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Boy 2nd Class J.T. Pinchion in Edmonton Cemetery, Middlesex, UK. Main topics include: correspondence regarding the proposed removal of Boy 2nd Class Pinchion’s headstone to a memorial garden in the cemetery; correspondence regarding the improved condition of the cemetery and decision to suspend the removal of the headstone; later correspondence regarding the commemoration of Boy 2nd Class Pinchion on a memorial wall in the cemetery.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from N. Dean, IWGC Secretary, to Mr. Pinchion, father of the casualty, requesting permission to remove the headstone of Boy 2nd Class Pinchion to a memorial garden, with an inscribed tablet explaining that the actual graves were located elsewhere in Edmonton cemetery, due to the Cemetery Authority’s inability to maintain war graves in the cemetery, dated 16 February 1959; letter from N. Dean, for the CWGC Director-General, to Mr. Pinchion explaining that the standard of maintenance in the cemetery had improved and that the proposed alternative scheme of commemoration was suspended, dated 24 January 1961; letter from J.D.W., CWGC Director-General, to Mr. and Mrs. Pinchion explaining that because the standard of maintenance in the cemetery was neglected their son and 37 other war graves in the cemetery graves were commemorated on a memorial wall, dated 4 July 1969.
Date16/2/1959 - 4/7/1969
Extent1 file
Cemetery_NameEDMONTON CEMETERY, Middlesex
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