Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/2/526
File NumberCCM101728
TitleDriver JOHN WEEKS - DREGHORN CEMETERY - Royal Army Service Corps

CWGC_8_1_4_1_2_526 (CCM101728).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Driver John Weeks in Dreghorn Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence with next of kin regarding the addition of an inscription commemorating the wife of Driver Weeks.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from R.J. Weeks, son of the casualty, enquiring whether the name of Driver Weeks’ wife could be added to the Commission headstone marking his grave, dated 15 June 1958; letter from A.R.C. Prentis to R.J. Weeks explaining that the Commission did not object to the addition of the inscription, but that there was only enough space for one occupying two lines and 28 letters, dated 20 June 1958; handwritten letter from R.J. Weeks to the IWGC providing the desired inscription commemorating Driver Weeks’ wife, Mrs. Annie Newitt Fulton, dated 6 July 1958; handwritten letter from R.J. Weeks to the IWGC agreeing to the Commission’s revised inscription, dated 18 September 1958.
Date15/6/1958 - 30/9/1958
Extent1 file
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