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File NumberCCM101473
TitleCaptain ALEC ROBB-SMITH - STE. MARIE CEMETERY, LE HAVRE - Royal Army Medical Corps

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Captain Alec Robb-Smith in Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, France. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding request to scatter the ashes of Captain Robb-Smith’s wife over the grave; correspondence regarding the Commission’s consent to the scattering of the ashes and arrangements by the next of kin to do so; correspondence concerning the scattering of the ashes.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Dr. A.H.T. Robb-Smith, son of the casualty, to the Director of Graves Registration, War Office, enquiring whether it was possible to have the ashes of Captain Robb-Smith’s wife could be placed on his grave, dated 27 March 1952; letter from F. Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, to Dr. A.H.T. Robb-Smith explaining that the Commission would not object to the scattering of Mrs. Robb-Smith’s ashes over Captain Robb-Smith’s grave, but that the relatives would have to make the necessary arrangements to do so, dated 31 March 1952; handwritten letter from Dr. A.H.T. Robb-Smith to the IWGC informing the Commission that the scattering of the ashes was to occur on 11 September 1952, dated 8 September 1952.
Date27/3/1952 - 18/9/1952
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