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File NumberCCM101287
TitleStaff Serjeant FRANK HONEY - ROCHESTER (ST. MARGARET'S) CEMETERY - Army Service Corps

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Staff Serjeant Frank Honey in Rochester (St. Margaret’s) Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: enquiry from next of kin regarding the erection of a Commission headstone on Staff Serjeant Honey’s grave; correspondence regarding the proposed erection of a Commission headstone, which was ultimately delayed due to the Second World War; request from next of kin to commemorate the mother of Staff Serjeant Frank on the headstone; correspondence regarding the erection of a Commission headstone.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs. Edith M. Honey, widow of the casualty, to the IWGC enquiring whether Staff Serjeant Honey was entitled to a Commission headstone, dated 25 August 1941; letter from F. Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, to Mrs. E.M. Honey explaining that Serjeant Honey’s grave was recorded as being marked by a private memorial, and that no headstones could be erected at the time anyway due to the war, dated 27 August 1941; handwritten letter from Mrs. E.M. Honey to the IWGC stating that Staff Serjeant Honey’s grave was only marked by a kerb surround, and enquiring whether a headstone could be provided for the grave at a later date, dated 31 August 1941; letter from F. Tyrrell to Mrs. E.M. Honey agreeing to the erection of a headstone, but stating it would not be arranged until other headstones were scheduled for erection in the same cemetery, dated 19 November 1941; letter from B. Walton, CWGC Director-General, to Mrs. E.M. Honey enquiring whether a Commission headstone was still desired for Staff Serjeant Honey’s grave, dated 19 November 1979; photocopy of handwritten letter from Mrs. Z.E. Worsfold, daughter of the casualty, to the CWGC agreeing to the erection of a Commission headstone and enquiring whether the names of Ann Honey, mother of the casualty, and Edith Honey, who was not buried in the same grave, could be added to the inscription, dated 7 January 1980; copy letter from Miss J.A. Broome, for the CWGC Director-General, to Mrs. Z.E. Worsfold reporting that the headstone in memory of Staff Serjeant Honey and his mother had been erected, dated 7 August 1980.
Date25/8/1941 - 4/6/1988
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