Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/2/381
File NumberCCM94516
TitlePrivate RICHARD POWERS - EDINBURGH (SEAFIELD) CEMETERY - Royal Marine Light Infantry

CWGC_8_1_4_1_2_381 (CCM94516).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private Richard Powers in Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin requesting the erection of a Commission headstone on the grave of Private Powers; correspondence regarding the Commission’s inability to erect a headstone owing to the fact that Private Powers was buried in a common grave; correspondence regarding enquiries into the number of burials and ownership of the grave, concerns over its future maintenance, and the Commission’s eventual decision to erect a headstone; correspondence between next of kin and a Member of Parliament regarding the delayed erection of Private Powers’s headstone; correspondence regarding the erection of the Commission headstone.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from Adeline Mary Langton (nee Powers), daughter of the casualty, to the CWGC Secretary requesting that the Commission erect a standard headstone on Private Powers’s grave and to contact her son, Flight Lieutenant R.P. Langton, regarding any necessary arrangements to do so, dated 28 December 1962; letter from M. Campbell, CWGC Director-General, to R.P. Langton explaining that the Commission were unable to erect a headstone because Private Powers was buried in a grave with multiple burials and had already been commemorated on a Screen Wall memorial in the cemetery, dated 18 January 1963; letter from John Kean, Superintendent, The Leith Cemetery and Crematorium Company Ltd., to the CWGC Area Superintendent, Northern Area, stating that there was no note of any other interment other than Private Powers in the grave and that the Company were willing to grant the Rights of Burial, dated 22 March 1963; letter from M. Campbell to R.P. Langton stating that a Commission headstone was permitted for erection on the grave of Private Powers, dated 27 May 1963; copy of letter from R.P. Langton to Robert Mathew, M.P., concerning the delayed erection of Private Powers’s headstone, dated 18 April 1964; letter from M. Campbell to R.P. Langton reporting that the Commission headstone had been erected over the grave of Private Powers, dated 12 May 1964.
Date7/12/1962 - 18/6/1964
Extent1 file
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