Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/2/371
File NumberCCM92886
TitlePrivate H. MERCER - BURNLEY CEMETERY - Royal Marine Light Infantry

CWGC_8_1_4_1_2_371-1 (CCM92886 PT.1).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private H. Mercer in Burnley Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence regarding enquiry from next of kin as to why Private Mercer’s grave was not marked by a Commission headstone.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from W.H. Barnes, Chairman, British Legion Burnley Branch, on behalf of the brothers of the casualty, to the CWGC Director-General enquiring why a Commission headstone had not been erected on Private Mercer’s grave, dated 2 October 1965; letter from the CWGC Director-General to John Mercer, brother of the casualty, explaining that Private Mercer’s grave was marked by a private memorial, a kerb surrounding two grave spaces with inscriptions to three other people, and that the Commission was not able to undertake the maintenance of private graves or memorials, dated 15 December 1965.
Date2/10/1965 - 29/12/1965
Extent1 file
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