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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of H.B. Stoton in Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany. Main topics include: correspondence regarding enquiry from next of kin as to whether Captain Stoton’s grave came under the care of the Commission; correspondence from next of kin regarding enquiry about the erection of a memorial over Captain Stoton’s grave; correspondence regarding permission to erect a Commission pattern headstone despite being classed as a non-war grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Internal note regarding enquiry from Mrs. Edgar Koecher, on behalf of Mrs. Ethel Stoton, widow of the casualty, as to whether the grave of Captain Stoton, who died whilst serving in the Army of Occupation in 1922, was under the care of the Commission for maintenance and permanent marking, dated 3 February 1926; letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs. E. Koecher explaining that the British officers and men who died in the Army of Occupation were dealt with by the War Office and did not come under the Commission for treatment, dated 23 February 1926; letter from Edgar Koecher to the IWGC Secretary enquiring when Mrs. E. Stoton could apply for a private memorial to be erected as she feared the temporary wooden cross would be removed, dated 11 November 1928; handwritten letter from Mrs. E. Stoton to the IWGC Secretary enquiring why Captain Stoton’s grave was the only grave in Cologne Cemetery that was not marked by a regulation cross, dated 3 November 1930; letter from B.S.C.G., IWGC Secretary, to Mrs. E. Stoton explaining that the Commission could not erect a memorial over Captain Stoton’s grave because he died after the termination of the war (i.e. 31 August 1921), but memorials could be erected in the post-war portion of the cemetery, dated 26 November 1930; letter from B.S.C.G. to Mrs. E. Stoton explaining that the Commission were able to erect a headstone of their pattern on Captain Stoton’s grave as it was located in a cemetery in which an alternative memorial would not be conducive to the appearance and maintenance of the cemetery, dated 23 December 1930.
Date3/2/1926 - 3/12/1930
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