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TitleBrigadier General MICHAEL DERWAS GORING-JONES - KIRKEE 1914-1918 MEMORIAL - General Staff

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding Brigadier General Michael Derwas Goring-Jones who is commemorated on the Kirkee 1914-1918 Memorial, India. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding the cremation and burial of Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s ashes and erection of a private memorial in India; correspondence regarding the removal of Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s ashes from India and subsequent re-interment in the Solent; correspondence regarding the Commission’s decision to discontinue the maintenance of Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s private memorial in India.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs. A.R. Goring-Jones, widow of the casualty, to the IWGC Secretary informing the Commission that Brigadier General Goring-Jones was cremated, and his ashes buried in the Darekasa Bhandara District, C.P., India, and subsequently marked by a private memorial, dated 29 June 1925; handwritten letter from Mrs. A.R. Goring-Jones to the IWGC Secretary stating that Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s private memorial was not located in a cemetery, but in the heart of the C.P. jungles, dated 5 October 1925; letter from C.M. Trivedi, Secretary to Government, Central Provinces and Berar, to the Secretary to the Government of India, Defence Department, providing a description of Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s private memorial and explaining that because the grave was not considered a war grave it could be deleted from the Appendix, dated 29 January 1940; letter from the Agent and General Manager, Bengal-Nagpur Railway, to the Under Secretary to the Government of India, Defence Department, Simla, stating that the ashes of Brigadier General Goring-Jones were removed after the memorial cross was desecrated and reinterred in the Solent, dated 3 October 1939; letter from the IWGC to the Secretary, IWGC Indian Agency, stating that because Brigadier General Goring-Jones’s ashes were on longer buried beneath the private memorial the Commission should no longer maintain the memorial and an alternate form of commemoration should be considered, dated 22 April 1940.
Date3/11/1924 - 28/9/1940
Extent1 file
Cemetery_NameKIRKEE 1914-1918 MEMORIAL
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