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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of German Naval Officer Karl Hans Lody in East London Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: request from German Embassy for information about the location of Officer Lody’s grave; correspondence concerning the alleged commendation of Officer Lody prior to his execution; correspondence detailing the trial by court martial, sentencing, and execution of Officer Lody; request from next of kin to leave the grave undisturbed; request from the German government to rebury Officer Lody in a more suitable grave; correspondence regarding the decision to leave the grave of Officer Lody intact and proposal to erect a memorial on another site in East London Cemetery.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from the Secretary, IWGC Enquiries Branch, to the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary regarding request from the German Embassy for information about the burial location of Officer Lody, dated 28 October 1924; internal note regarding request from Baron von Nidda to verify that Officer Lody, a German spy executed in the Tower of London, was complimented by the British officer commanding the firing squad on his brave demeanour during a speech in the British House of Commons or House of Lords, dated 7 October 1933; copy letter from Officer Lody to the Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards, Tower of London, expressing his thanks and appreciation towards the staff of officers and men who were in charge of him during his confinement, dated 5 November 1914; copy letter from A.E. Widdows to the Under Secretary of State, Foreign Office, providing information about the trial, sentencing, and execution of Officer Lody, dated 4 October 1933; letter from Stephen Gaselee, Librarian and Keeper of the Papers, Foreign Office, to Captain E.J. King, Foreign Office, reporting that there was no evidence Officer Lody was referenced in the House of Commons or House of Lords, and that Baron von Nidda was a Nazi propaganda agent, dated 30 November 1933; letter from the Consular Division of the German Embassy, on behalf of the family of the casualty, to Major Chettle, IWGC, enquiring whether the grave of Officer Lody could be considered permanent and not subject to removal, dated 13 July 1934; confidential letter from Stephen Gaselee to Major Chettle stating that the Foreign Office opposed the reburial of Officer Lody, or any of the other sixteen spies buried in a common grave at Plaistow, and to inform the Germany Embassy that there was no intention to remove Lody’s body, dated 6 September 1934; newspaper cuttings from the Daily Express discussing the unveiling of a memorial to Officer Lody in Lubeck, Germany, dated 5 November 1934 and 7 November 1934; letter from the IWGC Director of Records to the Enquiries Branch regarding request from Officer Lody’s next of kin to mound the grave, dated 19 January 1935; confidential memorandum regarding the proposed exhumation and reburial of Officer Lody in a more honourable position during a meeting between Fabian Ware, Baron W. zu Putlitz, and Herr Woermann, Charge d’Affaires at the German Embassy, as well as the method of dealing with complaints about the condition of British graves, dated 17 September 1937; secret memorandum to the Foreign Office and Home Office regarding the proposed exhumation and reburial of Officer Lody in a more suitable grave, dated 18 September 1937; letter from Herbert Creedy to the IWGC Chairman stating that the Army Council recommending that the grave of Officer Lody be left intact, dated 23 October 1937; secret memorandum written by Fabian Ware regarding a meeting with Baron W. zu Putlitz and his successor, Dr. Vogel, in which he proposed the erection of a memorial dedicated to Officer Lody on another site in the cemetery, dated 10 January 1938.
Date05/11/1914 - 27/01/1939
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