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TitleBrigadier General FRANK WORMALD - NEDONCHEL CHURCHYARD - General Staff

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Frank Wormald CB in Nedonchel Churchyard, France. Correspondence with the family of Brigadier General Wormald regarding their visit to the grave and request for a private memorial to be produced and shipped from London which was permitted by the Mairie but was stopped by a Commission official. Further correspondence where the family had involved other individuals and institutions such as the War Office to support their case which the Commission rejected on the basis that it would not comply with the principles of equality of treatment. The matter was not resolved until 1922 when the Commission offered to pay for the private memorial to be returned to the United Kingdom. The Commission headstone was not confirmed as erected until 1929, leading to many letters from the family regarding delay which was due to the sheer number of headstones being installled at the time.
Content NoteIncludes: Correspondence to the Commission re photographs of the grave. Two documents, written in French by the Le Marie Preident, granting permission to erect a memorial. Commission letters from: F Higginson, F R Durham, A Browne, F Ware, the Land and Legal Adviser. Letter from the War Office signed Lieutenant Gerneral Sir W E Peyton, Military Secretary and Charles Burn. Letters written by the family to A Browne, Colonel Goodland, Fabian Ware, the War Office. Minutes of interview with the family. Later Correspondence from the family asking whether the headstone had been erected and for updates as to a wooden fence they had paid to erect around the grave which had been removed.
Date19/11/1918 - 12/9/1926
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NoteBrig. Gen. Wormald's online commemorative entry now displays a photo of the Commission headstone marking his grave.
ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Greet (Archive Assistant) on 16/10/2019).
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