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File NumberCCM79844
TitlePrivate J. R. CLOUTTE (served as Private J. MALONEY) - ST. ALBANS CEMETERY - Canadian Army Service Corps

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the graves of Private J.R. Cloutte (served as Private J. Maloney) in St. Albans Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding the erection of a private memorial on Private Cloutte’s grave; correspondence concerning the alternate name under which Private Cloutte served during the war, Private J. Maloney; correspondence regarding the unmarked grave of Private Cloutte and subsequent decision by next of kin to erect a Commission headstone; correspondence from next of kin requesting the addition of a personal inscription commemorating .
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs. Annie Cloutte, mother of the casualty, to the IWGC informing the Commission that Private Cloutte was buried in a private grave and that she intended to erect a private memorial, dated 3 November 1922; letter to the Adjutant-General, Department of National Defence, Canada, stating that Private Cloutte served as 430510, Private J. Maloney, dated 5 April 1932; letter from A.R.C. Prentis, IWGC Secretary, to Miss Doris R. Cloutte, sister of the casualty, enquiring whether the Commission was permitted to erect a standard headstone over the unmarked grave of Private Cloutte, dated 22 October 1959; handwritten letter from Doris Cloutte to the IWGC requesting a sketch of the Commission’s headstone, and that she wished to consult her sister before making a decision, dated 27 October 1959; handwritten letter from Doris Cloutte to the IWGC agreeing to the erection of a Commission headstone and requesting the name of their father, who was buried in the same grave, be placed on the headstone instead of a personal inscription, dated 9 November 1959; letter from A. Young, St. Albans Cemetery Superintendent, on behalf of Miss Doris R. Cloutte, to the IWGC providing the particulars of her father and desired inscription to be added on Private Cloutte’s headstone, dated 7 December 1959.
Date3/11/1922 - 5/1/1960
Extent1 file
ArchNotePrivate Clouette served under the alias of Private J. Maloney.
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