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TitleLieutenant HARRY FREDERICK CORTLANDT-ANDERSON - AMARA WAR CEMETERY - 102nd King Edward's Own Grenadiers

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant Harry Frederick Cortlandt-Anderson in Amara War Cemetery, Iraq. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding request for a cemetery plan showing the position of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson’s grave; correspondence regarding the burial of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson in 14th Division Cemetery, Bassouia; correspondence regarding the exhumation and transfer of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson to Amara War Cemetery; request from next of kin for a copy of the Amara War Cemetery Register and photograph of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson’s grave; correspondence regarding the corrosion of headstones in cemeteries in Iraq, and subsequent decision by the Commission to erect a Screen Wall commemorating soldiers buried in Amara War Cemetery.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy letter from Lieutenant Colonel W.C. Cortlandt-Anderson, father of the casualty, requesting a plan of the cemetery in which Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson was buried showing the location of his grave, dated 23 June 1922; letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to the Under Secretary, India Office, stating that Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson’s was reported as having been buried at Hai according to letters received from officers in his regiment, dated 3 January 1923; letter from A.E.H.S., for the Principal Assistant Secretary, to the War Office stating that Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson was reported as having been buried in the 14th Division Cemetery, Bassouia, which had been obliterated in order to avoid desecration and preserve the security of the graves, dated 6 January 1923; letter from A.E.H.S. to the Commanding Officer, 2/4th Bombay Grenadiers, Hong Kong, explaining that the remains of soldiers buried in 14th Division Cemetery, Bassouia, including that of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson, were exhumed and transferred to Amara War Cemetery in order to secure the reverent maintenance of the graves in perpetuity, dated 10 May 1924; handwritten letter from W.C. Cortlandt-Anderson to the IWGC Vice-Chairman requesting a copy of the Amara Cemetery Register and photograph of the grave, dated 3 August 1926; letter from A.E.H.S. to W.C. Cortlandt-Anderson stating that a permanent memorial had been erected over the grave of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson and that the Commission were unable to provide a photograph of the grave, dated 1 September 1926; letter from the IWGC Secretary to W.C. Cortlandt-Anderson explaining that certain headstones in Amara War Cemetery and elsewhere in Iraq had been severely corroded by salt and that replacement headstones would not be erected until measures to prevent further corrosion were put in place, dated 1 October 1931; letter from W.C. Cortlandt-Anderson to the IWGC Secretary enquiring whether the issue of corrosion had been resolved and if a headstone had since been erected over his son’s grave, dated 28 August 1933; letter from B.S.C.G., for the IWGC Secretary, to Cortlandt-Anderson explaining that no suitable solution had been found to preserve the headstones in Amara Cemetery and that a Screen Wall commemorating all soldiers buried therein was proposed instead, dated 29 August 1933; letter from Messrs. Stibbard Gibson & Co. to the IWGC Secretary requesting proof of the death of Lieutenant Cortlandt-Anderson in connection with a trust that was administered by the Public Trustee, dated 28 December 1955.
Date23/6/1922 - 2/1/1956
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