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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Captain Robert Borras Whiteside in Les Gonards Cemetery, Versailles, France. The majority of the correspondence details the arrangements made by the Honourable Mrs Leonore Whiteside, the widow of Captain Whiteside, for the permanent flying of the Union Flag over the cemetery. The flag was flown there from 1915 to 1939, but after the death of Mrs Whiteside the Commission decided not to continue the custom, in accordance with the general policy of flying flags in cemeteries.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy of letter written by Mrs Leonore Borras Whiteside, asking if she would be allowed to keep the Union Flag flying at the cemetery always, as it had been there since 1915 with the permission of the French Government, 3 June 1921; copy of letter from Lord Arthur Browne, Principal Assistant Secretary, to Mrs Whiteside, stating that no difficulties would be put in her way with regards to the flag, 28 July 1921; copies of correspondence sent between Mrs Whiteside and Mr Griggs, the gardener at the cemetery, regarding the appearance of her husband's grave, November 1921; letter from Captain Touzel, Horticultural Officer, to the Chief Horticultural Officer, stating that he had reprimanded Mr Griggs for communicating with Mrs Whiteside personally, but suggesting that Mrs Whiteside had influenced Mr Griggs to do so, 23 January 1922; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Whiteside, informing her that, as she had requested on the Final Verification form, the headstone would be inscribed 'R A S C' rather than 'Royal Army Service Corps', 26 May 1922; letter from C K Phillips, Land and Legal Advisor, to the Principal Assistant Secretary, suggesting that as consent had been given to fly the flag previously, it could not be withdrawn now, 6 October 1922; handwritten letter from Mrs Whiteside to Lord Arthur Browne, stating that she would like the wooden cross marking her husband's grave to be sent to the Reverend Vivian Evans in Versailles, so that she could collect it on her next visit, 26 February 1923; handwritten letter from Mrs Whiteside, suggesting that Mr Griggs, who worked at Les Gonards Cemetery, be promoted to Foreman in view of his excellent work, 15 November 1928; handwritten letter from Mrs Whiteside to Fabian Ware, asking that he make the arrangements for the replacing of the flagstaff, which she would pay for, as she wanted everything in order for a royal visit to Versailles in June 1938, 7 May 1938; handwritten letter from Mrs Freda Mearns Fraser to Fabian Ware, explaining that Mrs Whitwell, Mrs Whiteside's daughter, had been staying with her and had enquired about the flagstaff her mother had had erected, 25 April 1942; letter from Fabian Ware to Mrs Mearns Fraser, stating that the Commission had every reason to believe the cemeteries were in good order but could not imagine that the flag at Les Gonards Cemetery was still being flown, 30 April 1942; letter from Fabian Ware to Mrs Whiteside, informing her that the Commission had received a report from Major Macfarlane, sent to France as part of an advance party, which said that the flagpole remained at Les Gonards Cemetery and a French-made Union Flag was being flown from it, 31 October 1944; two press cuttings from the Glasgow Evening Citizen and the Daily Graphic (London), with the information that Mrs Whiteside had passed away and left £25 to the Commission in the hope that they would continue to hoist the flag at the cemetery, dated 19 and 20 May 1947 respectively; draft letter, unsigned, stating that while the Commission had no objection to Mrs Whiteside making arrangements for the flying of the flag in her lifetime, they could not undertake the practice themselves as it was felt the Cross of Sacrifice should be the focal point, and could therefore not accept the legacy left by Mrs Whiteside in her will, undated but c. July 1947; copy of a letter from Oberstleutnant G Zuschneid to the Admiralty, presenting the flag from Les Gonards Cemetery which he had taken in 1940 to prevent its destruction, 18 June 1955; copy of the reply from Rear Admiral R G Onslow, Flag Officer, Flotillas, Home Fleet, to Oberstleutnant Zuschneid, thanking him for the gift which he believed would heal the scars of war and foster friendship between Britain and Germany, 18 June 1955.
Date1/6/1921 - 12/1/1956
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