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File NumberCCM10174
TitleCaptain The Hon. OSWALD CAWLEY - NERY COMMUNAL CEMETERY - King's Shropshire Light Infantry

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Captain The Hon. Oswald Cawley and his brother, Major J.S. Cawley in Nery Communal Cemetery, France. Correspondence is with Lord Cawley regarding his request for both of his sons to be buried in Nery Cemetery together. Also concerns request from Mrs Dilberoglue, mother of Lieutenant R.N. Dilberoglue and Lieutenant A. Dilberoglue, for her sons to be buried in the same cemetery as each other. Further correspondence regarding concentration of Captain Oswald Cawley's grave from Chocques Military Cemetery to Nery on 29 August 1920.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Lord Cawley requesting for his sons to be buried in Nery together, dated 29 November 1918; Copy letter from Brigadier-General A. McNulty to Brigadier-General E.S. Burder explaining reasons it would not be practicable nor permitted by the French authorities to remove Captain Cawley's body from Lestrem to Nery, dated 8 February 1919; Handwritten letter from Lord Cawley explaining that he had purchased his son's grave site in 1914 and was planning to erect a headstone, dated 17 December 1919; Note from Fabian Ware regarding his discussion with Lord Cawley about his request and how it infringed on the Commission's principle for equality of treatment, dated 16 June 1920; Memorandum regarding Lord Browne's conversation with Lord Cawley (brother of Captain Cawley) about the possible removal of both of his brother's graves to one of the Commission's cemeteries to ensure maintenance in perpetuity, dated 2 February 1938.
Date16/12/1918 - 16/06/1938
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ArchNoteFor further correspondence, see AA51287. Repackaged by Michael Greet (Archive Assistant) on 16/10/2019).
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