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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Prince Max of Hesse in Burgkapelle, Kronberg im Taunus, Germany. Main topics include: enquiries regarding the burial location of Prince Max and request for the Commission’s assistance in locating the grave; correspondence regarding the rumour that Prince Max was buried in an unmarked grave in Caestre Communal Cemetery and that the location was to be kept secret by local French residents until funds to repair damages to city caused by the Germans during the war were received; correspondence regarding the exhumation and repatriation of Prince Max’s remains to Germany.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from Lieutenant-General MacDonogh to Major-General Fabian Ware requesting, on behalf of Princess Frederic Charles, mother of the casualty, the Commission’s assistance in locating the body of Prince Max and its return to Germany, dated 9 November 1921; letter from the Ministere des Pensions, France, to Major A.L. Ingpen, General-Secretary, Comite Mixte Franco Brittanique Commission Imperiale des Sepultures Militaires, requesting information about the burial location of Prince Max and stating that he was thought to have been buried in the area surrounding Mont des Cats, dated November 1921; letter from H.C. Thursby-Pelham, Assistant Chaplain General, to the Colonel Commandant, H.Q.B.T. in F.&F., St. Pol sur Ternoise, reporting that Prince Max had likely been buried in an unmarked grave in a cemetery north of Caestre, the location of which was known only to the village policeman, sexton, and road mender, and that it would be kept secret until damages to the village caused by the Germans during the war was paid for, dated 23 September 1921; letter from Colonel H.T. Goodland, IWGC, to Fabian Ware stating that Prince Max was buried in Caestre Communal Cemetery with attached French newspaper clipping discussing the exhumation and return of his body to Germany, dated 27 October 1926; letter from Fabian Ware to Colonel Goodland explaining that the Commission had known about the location of the grave all along, but it was a French issue and the Commission did not have any responsibility in the matter, dated 28 October 1926; copy of extract from newspaper article in the Grand Echo du Nord regarding the story of Prince Max’s death and burial and eventual exhumation and return to Germany, dated 5 November 1926; newspaper clipping from the Evening Post, New York, regarding the return of Prince Max’s body to Germany, dated 27 November 1926.
Date9/11/1921 - 3/1/1927
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