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TitleGunner ROBERT HECTOR HAMILTON - VIMY MEMORIAL - Canadian Field Artillery

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding Gunner Robert Hector Hamilton who is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial, France. Further correspondence with Henry Hamilton, the father of Gunner Hamilton, regarding several attempts made to locate his son's grave, including at Longeau British Cemetery. Copies of exhumation reports and other internal correspondence produced during the Commission's attempts to locate and record Gunner Hamilton's grave. Correspondence between Fabian Ware and other Commission staff recommending that the case be closed after seven years of being unable to locate the grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from Henry C. Hamilton to Fabian Ware regarding the exhumation of Cpl. Morell and more specifically the teeth found with the remains, as Gunner Hamilton had a large acolite cast inlay that may have been mistaken to be a porcelain crown that was found with the remains, dated 8 November 1924; Letter from Lucien Pacaud, Secretary, Office of the High Commissioner for Canada, to Fabian Ware regarding a request from Henry C. Hamilton to re-open the previously exhumed grave of Cpl. Morell so that Reverend H.T. Cooper would be able to personally examine the remains, dated 12 May 1925; Extract from various letters on the Commission’s files referring to the physical characteristics of Gunner Hamilton, dated 14 September 1926; Copies of the Special Exhumation Reports No.2 relating to the graves of Sgt. C. Smith and Cpl. Morell with sketch drawings of the outline profile of the skull and teeth, and particulars of the head wound, dated 14 October 1926; Correspondence from Mrs. G.F. Hamilton, mother of Gunner Hamilton, requesting a copy of the Commission’s official report of the exhumation of Cpl. Morell’s grave, as she incorrectly assumed that an extra body was uncovered and suggested the remains were that of her son; Sketch key plan of Longueau British Cemetery, dated 8 December 1924; Sketch map showing the locations in which Gunner Hamilton was wounded, the R.A. Post to which he was subsequently taken, the Advanced Dressing Station where he was last seen, and Hourges Orchard Military Cemetery, undated.
Date4/7/1923 - 7/9/1928
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