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File NumberCCM67545
TitleSecond Lieutenant BOYT - STANHOE (ALL SAINTS) CHURCHYARD - Royal Air Force

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Second Lieutenant H G R Boyt in Stanhoe (All Saints) Churchyard, England. At his parents' request, the dilapidated private memorial marking the grave was removed and replaced with a standard Commission headstone.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Charles and Edith Boyt, the parents of Second Lieutenant Boyt, stating that the grave was in a poor condition, with the foundation of the headstone cracked and the stone discoloured, 19 September 1956; letter from N Dean, IWGC Secretary, to Mr Boyt, explaining that as the headstone was a private memorial, the Commission were unable to accept responsibility for its maintenance, 24 October 1956; letter from the Director of the John Hilton Bureau to the IWGC Secretary, on behalf of the Boyts, enquiring whether it would be possible for the Commission to remove the dilapidated stone and replace it with a standard war graves headstone, 7 December 1956; handwritten letter from Mrs E M Crowder on behalf of the Boyts, giving consent to the replacement of the headstone and submitting a personal inscription for engraving, 17 December 1956; note from the Assistant Secretary, deciding that the Commission ought to bear the cost of removing the private memorial on compassionate grounds, 8 February 1957; letter from N Dean, IWGC Secretary, to Mrs Crowder, informing her that the private memorial had been taken down and the Commission headstone put up at the head of the grave, and hoping that Mr and Mrs Boyt would find everything to their satisfaction, 2 July 1957.
Date19/09/1956 - 2/7/1957
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