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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private Daniel George Moody in Enfield (Hertford Road) Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence regarding the location of the grave and request from next of kin for a wooden cross; request from next of kin for the erection of a Commission headstone; further request from next of kin to replace the wooden cross with a Commission headstone; correspondence between the next of kin, stone masons and IWGC regarding the burial of additional relatives in the Private Moody’s grave and subsequent erection of a private memorial, as well as alterations to the design and positioning of the existing Commission headstone on the grave; correspondence concerning the Commission’s approval for the altered Commission headstone design to remain on the grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs. Annie Moody, mother of the casualty, to the Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries (DGRE) stating that Private Moody was buried in Enfield Highway Cemetery and that she wished to have a wooden cross erected over his grave, dated 31 May 1918; handwritten letter from Mrs. Annie Moody to the IWGC enquiring whether the Commission was able to erect a headstone on Private Moody’s grave, as she could not afford to do so herself, dated 7 April 1919; letter from W.W. Henderson, on behalf of Mrs. Moody, to the IWGC Secretary enquiring whether the wooden cross erected over the grave of Private Moody could be replaced with a Commission headstone, dated 18 March 1927; letter from J.W.K. Maile, Director, G. Maile & Son Ltd., to Mrs. L. Butler, aunt of the casualty, explaining that alterations to the Commission headstone required authorisation from the IWGC, dated 3 March 1939; handwritten letter from Mrs. L. Butler to the IWGC informing the Commission that Mr. and Mrs. Cole, her parents and Private Moody’s grandparents, were buried in his grave and that a private memorial was erected, and that the existing Commission headstone was cut into the shape of a cross and laid flat inside the kerb, dated 5 March 1939; internal note from F. Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, with sketch drawing showing the alteration and placement of the Commission headstone on the grave, dated 13 March 1939; letter from the IWGC to Messrs. G. Maile & Son Ltd. explaining that Commission headstones erected on privately owned graves remained the property of the Commission, and enquiring whether permission was sought from the burial authorities before the removal of the headstone, dated 31 March 1939; letter from G. Maile & Son Ltd. to the IWGC Secretary explaining that they were instructed by the owners of the grave to carry out the design of the private memorial and that a sketch of the proposed memorial with the existing headstone laid flat had been provided to the Enfield Cemetery Authorities for approval, dated 12 April 1939; letter from F. Tyrrell to Mrs. L. Butler permitting the altered design of the Commission headstone to remain on the grave and explaining that the family was responsible for the repair or removal of the Commission headstone and that an inscription commemorating Private Moody was added to the private memorial if it was removed, dated 14 April 1939.
Date23/5/1918 - 28/4/1939
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Davis (Trainee Archivist) on 13/11/2019.
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