Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/2/223
File NumberCCM66164
TitlePrivate JOHN WILLIAM FERGUSON - BOLTON (HEATON) CEMETERY - Royal Marine Light Infantry

CWGC_8_1_4_1_2_223 (CCM66164).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private John William Ferguson in Bolton (Heaton) Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding enquiry about the erection of a private memorial and addition of a Commission headstone at the foot of the grave; correspondence regarding addition of Private Ferguson’s particulars to the private memorial; correspondence from next of kin regarding enquiry as to why a marble headstone had not been erected by the Commission to replace the temporary wooden cross; correspondence regarding the addition of an inscription bearing Private Ferguson’s particulars to the existing private memorial.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs. Ferguson, mother of the casualty, to the Admiralty stating that she had ordered a headstone for Private Ferguson’s grave as he was buried in a family grave and the existing headstone did not contain enough space to include his name, 2 June 1920; handwritten letter from Mrs. Ferguson to the IWGC explaining that she had seen a Commission headstone placed at the foot of another soldier’s grave and that she would not be opposed to this arrangement on Private Ferguson’s grave as well, but would leave it up to the Commission to decide whether this was acceptable, dated 26 June 1920; letter from the IWGC Secretary to Mrs. Ferguson regarding proposal to inscribe Private Ferguson’s particulars on the existing private memorial free of cost, dated 6 July 1932; handwritten letter from Mrs. Frances M. Ferguson, mother of the casualty, to the IWGC enquiring why a marble cross had not been erected on Private Ferguson’s grave to replace the temporary wooden cross, which she alleged the Commission had promised to do prior to her departure to America, dated 4 October 1947; handwritten letter from Major S. Burkey, IWGC Regional Inspector, to F. Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, regarding Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson’s decision to add the Commission’s proposed inscription to Private Ferguson’s headstone, which was to be carried out by Messrs. Armour & Son, dated 10 November 1947; letter from Major S. Burkey to F. Tyrrell regarding an inspection of Private Ferguson’s headstone and inscription, which were found to be in good order, dated 5 May 1948.
Date1/6/1920 - 14/5/1948
Extent1 file
ArchNoteOriginal file destroyed.
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