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TitleLieutenant Colonel CHARLES DALTON - VIEIL-ARCY COMMUNAL CEMETERY - Royal Army Medical Corps

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Dalton in Vieil-Arcy Communal Cemetery, France. Correspondence regarding grave site of Lt Col Dalton from his daughter M.M Dalton working as part of the B.E.F at Benevole Hospital in Paris. Grave site confirmed in Viel Arcy and under control of the french. Further letter from a Mrs Dunne (relative) and a CQMS J. Magner (relative) requesting a photo of the grave site, DCR&E unable to provide as still close to the line. Post war, further Correspondence from E.Dalton (relative-daughter?) working in Auxiliary hospital in Co Durham and F. Dalton (sister) to erect a private memorial for the grave. Further correspondence asks for facilitation of a visit to the grave but cannot be organised by the IWGC. Photograph request fulfilled in 1921 and sent to E. Dalton, another photograph sent to mother of deceased in 1923. The inscription and headstone would be provided by the IWGC but relatives visited grave and noted the current cross in poor condition and asked for the headstone to be fast tracked due to early year of death. Further correspondence from IWGC confirms erection of stone in 1924. In 1934 correspondence from Etat Civil states French military graves have been removed from the communal cemetery at Viel Arcy and that Lt Col Daltons grave be removed to Vendresse for horticultural maintenance. However a decision was made to leave the grave where it is by Director of Records in 1935. Final correspondance referring to relatives visiting the grave in 1968.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from daughter(?) Miss M.M Dalton, on headed paper for the Hospital of Benevole No. 4, B.E.F., dated 4 April 1917. Letter from DGRE with sketch map of area of grave. Application of photo request from CQMS J.Magner, 71st Coy, Chinese Labour Corps. IWGC and DGRE enquiry form for location and visit. Letters from French authorities to move grave, which was declined.
Date4/4/1917 - 23/8/1968
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