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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant Louis Stanislas Vien in Quebec Cemetery, Cherisy, France. Correspondence with next of kin concerning erection of a private memorial at Quebec Cemetery, but later approved its removal and replacement with a Commission headstone. Further correspondence regarding request received from the Trappist monastery at Mont-des-Cats, Belgium, for Vien's remains to be exhumed and reburied at Mont-des-Cats, which was refused by Fabian Ware with support from Viscount Allenby as it was contrary to the Commission's guiding principles.
Content NoteIncludes: Typed letter from Lieutenant Vien's widow enquiring whether the private memorial would be removed from her husband's grave and that memorial made no mention of her, dated 1 July 1922; Copy letter from Lord Arthur Browne, Principal Assistant Secretary, confirming next of kin had given consent for private memorial to be replaced with Commission headstone and had requested the memorial be sent to Canada, dated 16 May 1923; Letter from Colonel H.C. Osborne, Secretary for the IWGC's Canadian Agency, regarding requests received from the Trappist monastery at Mont-des-Cats for Lieutenant Vien's remains to be exhumed and reburied at the monastery, dated 17 June 1931; Copy letter from Major G.L. Ingpen to Mr H.P.R. Foster regarding the request from the Trappist monks at Mont-des-Cats and his views on the best course of action, dated 8 July 1931; Copy letter from Ingpen regarding visit by Maitre Georges Lenoir and Reverend Father Pascal, dated 8 September 1931; Copy letter from Fabian Ware to Viscount Allenby regarding the case concerning the request to rebury Vien's remains at Mont-des-Cats, dated 29 April 1932; Copy letter from Ware to Allenby regarding the Commission's position in relation to Baronne de la Grange's request, dated 1 July 1932; Press cutting from New York Herald (Paris) regarding unveiling of Canadian memorial at Hazebrouck, France, dated 19 September 1933; Press cutting from the Times regarding the unveiling of commemorative plaques on the wall of the monastery of Ste. Marie du Mont, dated 20 September 1933.
Date19/9/1918 - 20/9/1933
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