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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private Clement Edwin Patrick in Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, UK. Main topics include: correspondence regarding the exhumation and reburial of Private Patrick in an individual grave; correspondence from next of kin requesting information about the grave and copy of the Register for Brookwood Cemetery, the burial location of Private Patrick’s brother; correspondence with next of kin regarding the condition of Private Patrick’s headstone and request to have it cleaned and photographed; correspondence regarding machine washing of headstone and arrangements for a photograph.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from the Lieutenant Colonel, A.A.G., to the Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries (DGRE) requesting the exhumation and reburial of Private Patrick, who was buried with three other ranks, on the grounds that Army Council letter No. 45/EF/2537 provided for the burial of Colonial soldiers in single graves, dated 27 March 1920; letter from the Commanding Royal Engineer, Mersey Garrison District, to the Chief Engineer, Western Command, reporting that the exhumation and reburial of Private Patrick was carried out and that the number of the grave was Section 5, No. 1434, dated 24 June 1920; copy letter from Mrs. Alice T. Patrick, mother of the casualty, to the Staff Officer, War Records, requesting information about the grave of Private C.E. Patrick, whether he was buried with other South African soldiers, and date on which a headstone would be erected, and also for a copy of the Brookwood Cemetery Register where her other son, Private E.G. Patrick, was buried, dated 19 February 1923; letter from A.E.H.S., IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary, to Mrs. Patrick explaining that Private Patrick was the only South African casualty in the cemetery and that no plans to remove his body were to be made, and that she would be informed once a headstone was erected on the grave, dated 17 April 1923; handwritten letter from Lieutenant R.T. Stevens to Fabian Ware, IWGC Vice-Chairman, regarding the poor condition of Private Patrick’s grave, which was covered in grime and the inscription nearly illegible, with enclosed photograph showing a small vase with flowers and wreath positioned on the grave, dated 6 May 1936; copy of report from E.H. Wilson, Inspector, Northern District, to the IWGC Director of Works regarding the condition of Private Patrick’s grave and Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery, dated 13 May 1936; letter from the Administrative Officer, UK District, to the Inspector, Northern Region, regarding a complaint from A.L. Patrick, brother of the casualty, about the condition of Private Patrick’s grave, which was said to be black and required washing, dated 22 May 1953; copy of letter written by A.L. Patrick in the Liverpool Echo regarding the condition of the grave and thanking an unknown person for placing flowers on the grave, dated 20 May 1953; letter from T.A. Turner, Regional Inspector, Norther UK District, to the Chief Administrative Officer, UK District, regarding the condition of Private Patrick’s grave and plans to treat the Stancliffe stone by mechanical rubbing, which was deemed the best way to clean the stone properly, dated 29 May 1953; letter from M. Campbell, IWGC Secretary, informing A.L. Patrick that Private Patrick’s headstone was machine washed and its appearance much improved, dated 25 June 1953; handwritten letter from A.L. Patrick to Mr. Campbell thanking the Commission for cleaning his brother’s grave and informing them that a local resident had made arrangements to send a photograph of the grave, dated 1 July 1953.
Date27/3/1920 - 18/8/1953
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