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File NumberCCM55256
TitlePrivate PHILIP EDWARD MAUGER - ST. OUEN'S CHURCHYARD, JERSEY - Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Private Philip Edward Mauger in St. Ouen’s Churchyard, Jersey, UK. Main topics include: correspondence from Jersey Government regarding request from next of kin to add the name of Private Mauger’s widow to the headstone; enquiries regarding the maintenance of war graves in the churchyard and subsequent arrangements by the Commission to do so.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from R.M.H. Lewis, Government Secretary, Jersey, to the IWGC Secretary enquiring whether the name of Private Mauger’s widow could be added to the headstone, and whether permission was required to do so and if the costs would be covered covered by the Commission, and if they were responsible for the maintenance of the grave, dated 4 March 1952; handwritten letter from Reverend E.J.A. Richardson, St. Ouen Rectory, to the IWGC providing the desired inscription and enquiring who was responsible for cleaning the headstone, dated 1 April 1952; letter from F. Tyrrell, IWGC Secretary, to Reverend E.J.A. Richardson agreeing to the proposed inscription and explaining that arrangements for the inspection and maintenance of all war graves would be made by the Regional Inspector, dated 9 April 1952.
Date4/3/1952 - 9/4/1952
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