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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Second Lieutenant Duncan Cunningham-Reid, which, during the covering dates of the file, was in Oostcamp Churchyard, Belgium. At some point after the file ends, the remains of Second Lieutenant Cunningham-Reid were moved into Cement House Cemetery, near Langemarck in Belgium.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from Major Stopford to Mrs Agnes Kingscote, the casualty's mother, with the information that Second Lieutenant Cunningham-Reid was buried in Oostcamp Churchyard, south east of Bruges in Belgium, 21 July 1920; letter from George A V Connolly, explaining that his wife had taken a photograph of the grave of Second Lieutenant Cunningham-Reid and Second Lieutenant Norman Gordon-Smith whilst on holiday in Belgium, and they wished to send it to the officers' relatives, 1 September 1922; unsigned note stating that Mrs Kingscote had submitted a personal inscription, informed the Commission that she wanted the regimental badge of the 29th Lancers (Deccan Horse), not the Royal Air Force, on her son's headstone, and wanted to collect the temporary grave marker, made from parts of the aircraft, from his grave, 9 May 1923; handwritten letter from Mrs Kingscote, promising she would give part of the grave marker to the relatives of Second Lieutenant Gordon-Smith if they asked for it, 17 May 1923; letter signed by Major Stopford, giving Mrs Kingscote authorisation to collect the marker from the IWGC office in Ypres, 7 December 1926; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Sir George Dunbar, in response to his enquiry, informing him that the graves were free of weeds and in good condition, and planted with geraniums, blue cornuta violas, and ferns, 22 November 1928; letter from Walter Easton Jr, describing how, when he had been in Mainz, Germany, he had been given a photograph of the memorial marker to Second Lieutenants Cunningham-Reid and Gordon-Smith, and wished to forward it to the relatives of these officers, 24 August 1933; note that the unit of the Lancers had been entered incorrectly in the cemetery register, but was correct on the headstone, 1 December 1959.
Date21/7/1920 - 9/12/1959
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Jenny Turner (Trainee Archivist), 28 October 2019
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