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File NumberCCM37011
TitleVolunteer Mrs. RUBIE PICKARD - WIMEREUX COMMUNAL CEMETERY - Voluntary Aid Detachment

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Volunteer Mrs. Rubie Pickard in Wimereux Communal Cemetery, France. Main topics include: correspondence regarding next of kin’s choice for the name inscription on Volunteer Pickard’s headstone; request from next of kin for financial assistance to visit the grave; enquiry concerning the interment of next of kin’s ashes in Volunteer Pickard’s grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to Captain Samuel Pickard, husband of the casualty, suggesting that the Christian names of Volunteer Pickard be engraved on headstone rather than “Mrs. R. Pickard”, as this had been the practice for other VAD’s, dated 29 June 1920; handwritten letter from Captain Pickard to the IWGC Secretary requesting that “Mrs.” be included on the headstone, dated 6 July 1920; handwritten letter from Eric Pickard, son of the casualty, to the IWGC Secretary requesting financial assistance to visit the graves of Volunteer Pickard and Captain Samuel Pickard, who was buried in the same grave, dated 11 November 1935; reply from B.S.C.G., IWGC Secretary, to Eric Pickard explaining that the Commission was unable to devote funds to assist relatives wishing to visit war cemeteries abroad, dated 13 November 1934; letter from T.E. Pickard, grandson of the casualty, to the IWGC requesting permission to bury the ashes of his father, Captain Eric Pickard, in Volunteer Pickard’s grave, dated 19 April 1960; letter from P.H. McCarthy, Regional Director, Northern Region, France, to the CWGC Director-General regarding the interring of Eric Pickard’s ashes on 27 April 1960, which were buried beneath the headstone by Mr. Finney, Commission gardener, dated 13 May 1960.
Date18/6/1920 - 25/5/1960
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