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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant Kenneth Gow in St. Souplet British Cemetery, France. Main topics include: correspondence from next of kin regarding request for the grave of Lieutenant Gow to remain in the cemetery; request from next of kin for the erection of a sign indicating that the grave was not to be moved, and for an American flag to be inscribed in the space reserved for a regimental badge; correspondence regarding the regrouping of three American graves in the cemetery, including the grave of Lieutenant Gow.
Content NoteIncludes: Letter from R.M. Gow, father of the casualty, to the Secretary, War Office, requesting that the grave of Lieutenant Gow remain in the cemetery, dated 30 November 1920; copy of letters written by Lieutenant Gow to next of kin discussing his war experience and perception of the British; letter from the IWGC Principal Assistant Secretary to the IWGC Controller regarding request from next of kin to erect a board stating that the grave was not to be moved, dated 24 August 1921; letter from R.M. Gow to Major Viscount Stopford requesting that an American flag be cut into the headstone in the space reserved for a regimental badge, dated 4 October 1921; letter from R.M. Gow to Major Viscount Stopford regarding a communication received from the American Graves Registration Bureau stating that Lieutenant Gow’s remains were to be transferred to an American cemetery or reinterred elsewhere in St. Souplet British Cemetery due to the removal of other graves, dated 22 November 1921; letter from E.A.S. Gell, Assistant Director of Records, IWGC, to the IWGC Vice-Chairman regarding permission given to the American Graves Registration Services to regroup three isolated American graves at St. Souplet British Cemetery, dated 14 February 1922; letter from George H. Penrose, Assistant to the Quartermaster General, United States War Department, to Robert M. Gow regarding the formal release of the United States Government from future responsibility for the care of Lieutenant Gow’s grave, dated 10 June 1922.
Date30/11/1920 - 12/7/1922
Extent1 file
ArchNoteRepackaged by Michael Davis (Trainee Archivist) on 24/10/2019.
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