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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding Captain Geoffrey Bowlby who is commemorated on the Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium. Much of the correspondence details the maintenance of the private memorial cross erected by his wife, Lettice Bowlby (The Honourable Mrs Geoffrey Bowlby).
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Mrs Lettice Bowlby, sending details of her husband's physique and personal effects, with two enclosed copied letters from Captain Bowlby's comrades who attempted to bury him, in order to assist the graves registration and identification work, 1 October 1917; letter from Major Ingpen to Fabian Ware, quoting a letter from Mrs Bowlby, in which she says a friend visited White House Cemetery and found a cross inscribed with her husband's name, and doubts whether he was in fact buried there, 1 October 1920; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Bowlby, informing her that the cross was only to the memory of Captain Bowlby, and he would be commemorated by the IWGC as 'missing', 28 February 1921; handwritten letter from Mrs Bowlby, asking for the return of the memorial cross she had had made and put up at the place where Captain Bowlby was killed, which had later been taken to White House Cemetery, 3 May 1923; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Bowlby, informing her that she would be allowed to remove the cross, but no headstone would be put up in its place as the missing would be commemorated on large collective memorials, 11 May 1923; handwritten letter from Mrs Bowlby, enquiring whether the IWGC would assume responsibility for the maintenance of private memorials as she was concerned the lead lettering of the inscription would be stolen by Belgians, 3 September 1926; letter from L Gibbs [?] to Major Stopford in Enquiries, with the information that Captain Bowlby had been marked under 'Grave' and not 'Missing', and as such his name had been omitted from the panel for the Menin Gate, 30 June 1927; letter from the Principal Assistant Secretary to Mrs Bowlby, informing her that Captain Bowlby's name would be added to the correct panel, under Captain The Honourable C E A Philipps, 17 October 1927; handwritten letter written by Mr D Elliot and sent on Mrs Bowlby's behalf, thanking the Commission that her husband would not be left amongst the "afterthoughts" on the addenda panels, 19 October 1927; discussion between the Principal Assistant Secretary and the Legal Branch, concerning the maintenance of private memorials left on the battlefields, May-July 1930; letter from 'H P R J' to Mrs Bowlby, detailing the precise costs involved in the maintenance of the private memorial to Captain Bowlby, and another officer, Captain Skrine, 4 July 1930; handwritten letter from Mrs Bowlby to Fabian Ware, explaining that she and Miss Dorothea Skrine, the sister of Captain Skrine, had bought a plot of land and erected private memorials to their husband and brother respectively, and employed a man to look after the land and memorials, but now wanted the IWGC to take on the maintenance, 11 November 1936; letter from Sir Frank Higginson, Chief Administrative Officer, France, to Major H F Chettle, Director of Records, suggesting that the two private memorials be moved closer together and surrounded by a hedge, with a small sketch drawing at the foot of the page, 14 October 1937.
Date30/8/1917 - 25/3/1938
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ArchNoteRepackaged by Jenny Turner (Trainee Archivist), 23 October 2019
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