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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Major Staveley. Main topics include request from Mrs Evelyn Staveley, the wife of the casualty, to allow the repatriation of his remains; choice and payment for personal inscription on headstone; correspondence regarding placing of flowers on grave; requests for information regarding the status and upkeep of grave during the Second World War.
Content NoteIncludes: letter from Mrs Staveley to the DGRE notifying them of her change of address and arequesting that they contact her should any change in circumstances allow her to bring her husband's remains home, 14th June 1920; copy of memo produced by O. Ready for the IWGC Finance Department for Major Stopford of the IWGC Enquiries Branch, listing cases where the next of kin of a casualty have requested additions or changes to a previously chosen personal inscription (list includes details of the change requested for Major Staveley's headstone, 3rd June 1924; letter from Mrs Staveley to the IWGC asking if there is anyone based at Cologne who she could send flowers to be placed on her husband's grave, 9th February 1926; report by IWGC Chief Administrative Offfice F. Higginson detailing the wreath of flowers laid on Major Staveley's grave by IWGC staff C. A. Batty, 1st April 1936, and letter of thanks sent by Mrs Staveley to the IWGC for arranging it and sending photographs, 6th April 1936; letter from Mrs Staveley to the IWGC stating that she has receieved a photograph of her husband's grave showing that it is now marked with a temporary cross, 28th June 1948, and copy of reply by the IWGC advising that while the general condition of the cemetery after the end of the Second World War was good, some headstones, including Major Staveley's, had become broken, and the Commission will ultimately replace the temporary wooden cross with a new headstone, 30th June 1949.
Date27/3/1920 - 30/6/1949
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