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TitleGunner LAWSON KNOWLTON - RAVENNA WAR CEMETERY - Royal Garrison Artillery

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave and headstone of Gunner Lawson Knowlton in Ravenna War Cemetery, Italy. Main topics include correspondence with the casualty's mother regarding the choice of personal inscription on the headstone and the postage of a photograph of the grave. Later correspondence concerns the exhumation and reburial of Gunner Knowlton from Gradisca Italian Military Cemetery to Gradisca Communal Cemetery and the next of kin's response expressing her anger at this and requesting that she receive free passage to visit the grave as she did not receive any pension following the death of Gunner Knowlton. Further enquiry from the mother of Gunner Knowlton, requesting for information about the location of the cemetery in which he is buried into relation to Hochfluch, Switzerland, where she would be travelling for a holiday. Correspondence addressed to Count Memmo requesting for a photograph of the grave on behalf of the casualty's next of kin. Later correspondence from casualty's mother asking for financial assistance in visiting the grave as she has not received any pension following the death of Gunner Knowlton.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy letter from Director of Works containing details of the original personal inscription selected by the casualty's mother, dated 21 April 1920; Handwritten letter from casualty's mother regarding choice of personal inscription in accordance with the Commission's guidelines, dated 2 May 1920. Copy letter sent to next of kin explaining the necessity for transfering Gunner Knowlton's body into Gradisca Communal Cemetery from Gradisca Italian Military Cemetery which had been abandoned, dated 7 April 1931. Handwritten letter from next of kin expresssing anger at Gunner Knowlton's body being exhumed and reburied into Gradisca Communal Cemetery and requesting for assistance in visiring his grave, dated 5 March 1937. Handwritten letter from casualty's mother recounting her journey to Gunner Knowlton's grave from Switzerland and requesting for further information about the cemetery from where he was exhumed and a photograph of the grave, dated 25 November 1939. Letter from Count Memmo to Frank Tyrrell explaining that it was not possible to acquire the photograph until springtime due to snow in Gradisca but that he had arranged for a photo to be taken of the grave for the next of kin, dated 2 May 1940. Photographic print showing row of permanent headstones in Gradisca Communal Cemetery, Italy, undated. Handwritten letter from casualty's mother acknowledging receipt of photograph of the grave, dated 9 June 1940. Handwritten letter from casualty's mother requesting financial assistance to visit the grave in lieu of receiving no pension, dated 2 April 1949.
Date21/4/1920 - 5/4/1949
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