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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Lieutenant Clive Griffin. Main topics include the original private memorial erected on the grave and its subsequent replacement with a standard Commission headstone; the discovery that the family of the casualty had been paying the French Roman Catholic Cemetery Committee annual fees for its maintenance and investigation into this by the Commission.
Content NoteIncludes: plan of burial plots in Lembert Cemetery (now Salonika (Lembet Road) Military Cemetery), with details of Lt. Griffin's grave, with accompanying letter from the manager of the National Provincial Bank of England Lyd, Folkstone, writing on behalf of Lt Griffin's father, enquiring as to the present condition of the grave and to make arrangements for its care, 19th February 1920; photograph of original private memorial marble cross which was erected by Griffin's brother officers, with accompanying note recording comments on the condition of the memorial by the IWGC Deputy Director of Works, Macedonia, 18th February 1921; letter from Mr W. Griffin, father of the casualty, to the IWGC, requesting that they do not replace the private memorial with a Commission headstone, and including comments on the condition of the memorial when visited by one of Lt. Griffin's comrades, 11th March 1921; letter from IWGC Deputy Controller Lt. Col Cyril Emerson Hughes to IWGC Vice Chairman Fabian Ware stating that in accordance with Commission policy the kerbing around the private memorial to Lt. Griffin will be removed, and that it had been discovered that the family of Lt. Griffin have been paying the Roman Catholic Committee an annual fee to maintain the grave; account of interview conducted by Major Menzies of the IWGC with the manager of the Bank of Ottoman, Salonika, and with Mr Mario Stanino, Chairman of the Roman Catholic Cemetery, regarding the payments being sent by the family of Lt. Griffin for the upkeep of the grave, 29th June 1935; letter from Mrs E. Griffin, the mother of the casualty, to the IWGC, thanking it for its investigation into the matter and stating that she will discontinue the payment, 12th July 1935; copy of letter sent by the British Consulate General, Salonica, to the Foreign Office, London, reporting the incident of payments being made for the care of Lt. Griffin's grave, 11th July 1935.
Date22/3/1917 - 24/7/1935
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