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DescriptionCorrespondence with next-of-kin into the investigation into the location of Lieutenant Hayter’s grave; correspondence from next-of-kin regarding visit to France in an attempt to find their son’s grave; reports and correspondence regarding exhumation of remains from areas where Lieutenant Hayter was believed to be buried, including Lagnicourt Hedge British Cemetery; Correspondence regarding Hayter’s father wishing to purchase land over where Hayter was believed to be killed in Lagnicourt for the purpose of erecting a memorial; Correspondence regarding confirmed identification of Hayter’s remains; Correspondence regarding discussions surrounding Commission’s policy in regards to the maintenance of Hayter’s grave and description of the private memorial erected over it.
Content NoteIncludes: Tracing from large scale map with the location of Hayter’s believed burial location marked with a blue cross obtained by the next of kin from an Alsatian private formerly of the German army; Report dated 29 Mar 1920 giving physical description of Lieutenant Hayter and an account of the discovery of his remains with an accompanying sketch map showing location of the forward section of 87th Battery, Royal Field Artillery on 21 March 1918; Sketch plan of Lagnicourt Hedge Cemetery, showing location of British graves and description of the wooden cross markers over the graves; Rough sketch of Sunken Road undated; Sketch showing location of Lagnicourt Hedge Cemetery and Sunken Road; Sketch map showing location of German cemeteries in the vicinity of Lagnicourt, France; Photographic print showing location looking south-east from 57C. C. 29. a. 1.8. with annotation written in pen reading ‘8” shell hole close to which 2 Lt Hayter killed’; Architectural drawing showing proposed obelisk memorial to Lieutenant Hayter; Letter confirming identity of Hayter, dated 10 Sep 1924; Two photographic prints showing where Hayter was killed and where his body was found at Lagnicourt; Newspaper clipping from the Dundee Advertiser about Colonel Hayter’s search for his son’s body, dated 6 Oct 1924; Newspaper clipping from the Daily Mirror regarding discovery of Hayter’s body, dated 18 Nov 1924; Newspaper clipping from the Scotsman regarding visit to the Somme, dated 17 Oct 1925; Newspaper clipping from the Australian Christian World regarding the discovery and identification of Hayter’s remains, dated 25 Dec 1925; Newspaper clipping from the Argus regarding the discovery of Hayter’s grave, dated 10 Dec 1925; Newspaper clipping from the Argus regarding the discovery of Hayter’s grave, dated 9 Dec 1925; Letter from Hayter’s father with accompanying sketch map, dated 11 Nov 1925; photographic print of the private monument erected over Hayter’s isolated grave.
Date13/12/1918 - 16/12/1936
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