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TitleGunner JAMES CROWLEY - ARRAS MEMORIAL - Royal Field Artillery

CWGC_8_1_4_1_1_202 (AA59906).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding Gunner James Crowley, commemorated on the Arras Memorial, France. Main topics include correspondence regarding investigation into whether Crowley had been identified and exhumed and if any effects were found with the body at his original burial at 51b. N. 17. a. 5.5. with Sergeant Barrass.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy extract from News Chronicle dated 20 April 1934, concerning a story regarding the believed brother and sister of Gunner Crowley and their account of meeting him as a passing stranger and recognising him as their brother. Handwritten note 23/D34/2/R explaining that Crowley appeared with Sgt. M. Barrass 65992 of the same battery and date of death on a report for Wancourt 65-2 as buried in isolated graves at 51b. N. 17. a. 5.5. and requesting Casualty Records to investigate further, dated 23 April 1934. Copy letter from Henry Chettle to J.R. Nelson at the War Office regarding information received about Crowley and Barass's burial and that it was not possible how these graves were ever identified as the two were commemorated on the Arras Memorial, dated 23 April 1934.
Date20/4/1934 - 3/10/1934
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