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File NumberAA57276
TitleMajor General WILLIAM HOLMES - TROIS ARBRES CEMETERY, STEENWERCK - Australian Imperial Force

CWGC_8_1_4_1_1_190 (AA57276).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Major General William Homes in Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, Belgium. Main topics include correspondence regarding the location of the grave in Trois Arbres Cemetery, the private memorial erected over the grave and the proposal to move the memorial forward in order to allow for the construction of headstone foundation beams. Further correspondence between the Commission and Australia House regarding the disposal of the private memorial and the next of kin's consent for a Commission headstone to be erected in its place over the grave. Correspondence regarding request for a photograph of the grave from Sir Charles Rosenthal for use in a book.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy letter from Henry Chettle to Colonel R.V.K. Applin regarding the grave of General Holmes at Trois-Arbres British Cemetery, who had believed to have been among the British graves at Bailleul, dated 12 August 1926. Pencil sketch of the white marble cross (with dimensions) marking General Holmes's grave, dated 12 July 1927. Copy letter from Sir Charles Rosenthal requesting for a photograph of Holmes's grave to be reproduced in a book, dated 29 October 1931.
Date12/8/1926 - 14/3/1932
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