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TitleGunner WALTER PASCALL - DOVER (CHARLTON) CEMETERY - Royal Garrison Artillery

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DescriptionFile of correspondence regarding the grave of Gunner Walter Pascall in Dover (Charlton) Cemetery, United Kingdom. Main topics include correspondence concerning the next of kin's request for a personal inscription, and later request from the family for a private memorial to be erected to replace the Commission headstone over the grave. Further correspondence concerning the transfer of ownership of the grave from the Commission to the family
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from E. Whitnall and Sons Monumental and General Stonemasons writing on beahlf of the family of Gunner Pascall notifying the Commission that his widow had passed away in February 1920 and that his family wished for a private memorial to be erected over the grave, dated 7 August 1936. Response from the Commission to E. Whitnall and Sons explaining that Mrs Pascall was also buried in the grave which had been purchased by the Commission in 1929 and so suggested a simple memorial and kerbs with Mrs Pascall's name on it, dated 21 August 1936. Handwritten letter from E. Whitnall and Sons responding the Commission and explaining that the family wanted to erect a more imposing memorial over the grave, dated 25 August 1926. Draft copy of deed of grant document, undated. Copy extract from the 198th Commission meeting on Wednesday 14 October 1936 concerning the transfer of the ownership of Gunner Pascall's grave to the family as a deed of grant. Copy deed of grant document signed by C.P. Oswald, dated 19 October 1936.
Date16/2/1926 - 30/10/1936
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