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TitlePrivate JOHN EDWARD PETERS and five others - SALISBURY (LONDON ROAD) CEMETERY - Australian Infantry, A.I.F.

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the graves of Private John Edward Peters, Private Frederick Allan Vincent, Private Thomas Butler, Driver John Biles Kingsbury, Lance Corporal Charles William Johnston and Gunner Anthony Austin Street in Salisbury (London Road) Cemetery, United Kingdom. Correspondence and documentation confirming the names and details of the six casualties in question and the location of their respective graves in London Road Cemetery, Salisbury. Correspondence regarding the headstone inscription and cemetery register forms received for Private Peters. Correspondence with Peters's widow regarding the marker on the grave and the maintenance of the grave. Correspondence with the next of kin of Gunner Street regarding the replacement of the private memorial erected over the grave with a Commission headstone. Correspondence from Peters's widow requesting to be buried in her husband's grave upon her death.
Content NoteIncludes: Enquiry form regarding an enquiry from Private Peters's widow requesting for the Commission headstone to be made from marble, dated 2 June 1923. Completed form ued for the entry of Private Peters's details in the cemetery register for Salisbury (London Road) Cemetery. Copy of leaflet advertising the King's Pilgrimage publication, undated. Copy letter received from Private Peters's widow requesting for the regimental badge in stone to be laid recumbent on the grass on the grave to reflect it as a soldier's grave, dated 6 February 1924, with original handwritten letter dated 5 February 1924. Enquiry form regarding the removal of the private memorial over Gunner Street's grave and a request from the next of kin to replace it with a Commission headstone, dated 24 April 1939. Handwritten letter from Gunner Street's next of kin regarding the choice of personal inscription for his headstone, dated 10 August 1939. Handwritten letter from Private Peters's widow explaining she moved to England in 1920 and placed a cross and curb in the grave and requesting that she be buried in the grave with her husband upon her death, dated 28 August 1957. Handwritten letter from Peters's widow's daughter explaining her mother had died but had burned all of her letters, so was enquiring about her wish to be buried with her husband, dated 19 May 1969.
Date5/5/1920 - 29/5/1969
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