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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Serjeant Charles Williams in Llanvapley (St. Mapley) Churchyard, United Kingdom. Main topics concern correspondence from DGRE enquiring into the cemetery in which Serjeant Williams was buried following his death in the Military Hospital, Fargo Salisbury Plain, and the marking of the grave with a temporary wooden cross. Further correspondence regarding the next of kin’s choice of personal inscription. Request from the Rector E.M. Townsend to have inverted commas and Biblical references added to the headstone. Correspondence regarding the erection of Serjeant Williams’s headstone. Correspondence regarding a letter from Serjeant Williams’s sister asking about the maintenance of the grave with confirmation it was being cared for by relatives. Further request from the sister of Serjeant Williams requesting for the inscription to be renovated in black or gold.
Content NoteIncludes: Copy letter from Frank Sillar explaining that the next of kin did not return the final verification form but the Incumbent on being written to regarding the erection of a headstone over the grave recorded their request for a personal inscription, dated 23 August 1929. Handwritten letter and copy typescript of same letter from the Reverend E.M. Townshend writing on behalf of the next of kin and criticising the Commission’s policy regarding the limit of characters for personal inscriptions, suggesting additional lines would be cheaper and easier to add by allowing the next of kin to enlist the services of a local stonemason, dated 10 October 1929. Copy letter from Deputy Director of Works to Principal Assistant Secretary advising it would be possible to engrave all of the particulars requested by the next of kin if the religious emblem were made smaller and explaining that the supplying and fixing of stones is generally given to a local monumental mason, dated 16 October 1929. Response letter and copy typescript dated 22 October 1929 from Reverend Townshend expressing his gratitude for the Commission’s kindness, explaining the next of kin were very poor and Serjeant Williams’s early life was difficult. The letter goes on to discuss the Rector’s own family life and how his family has been affected by the First World War and that he had relatives who fought under Nelson at Trafalgar and at the Battle of the Nile and that his father served in the Royal Navy from 1829 to 1866 at Oporto, Acre and Sebastopol and on the China Survey. Letter from the Rector objecting to the use of a Latin cross instead of a Celtic cross on the headstone, the omission of Serjeant Williams’s forename and the spelling of Serjeant as “Sergeant”, dated 12 April 1930. Copy of Area Inspector’s report on permanent maintenance of war graves in Llanvapley Churchyard, recording condition of Serjeant Williams’s headstone and reporting conversations with his relatives, noting he left them satisfied, dated 12 November 1934.
Date20/2/1918 - 12/11/1934
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