Unique IDCWGC/8/1/4/1/1/130
File NumberAA43847
TitleGunner HORACE SLADE - ENFIELD (LAVENDER HILL) CEMETERY - Royal Garrison Artillery

CWGC_8_1_4_1_1_130 (AA43847).pdf

DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Gunner Horace Slade in Enfield (Lavender Hill) Cemetery, United Kingdom. Main topics include correspondence regarding the marking of the grave with a wooden cross by the DGRE following Gunner Slade’s death at 4th London General Hospital, Denmark Hill, and that the body was sent for burial at Enfield Cemetery by request of his father. Correspondence regarding the erection of a permanent headstone over Gunner Slade’s grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Original form completed by Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries concerning the burial of Gunner Slade and the marking of the grave in Enfield Chase Cemetery, dated January 1921. Handwritten letter from the next of kin requesting the wooden cross be replaced with a stone cross, dated May 1923. Letter from undertaking firm W.H. Mayhew & Sons writing on behalf of the next of kin regarding their request for marble chippings to be placed on the grave, dated 21 September 1938.
Date3/2/1918 - 1/10/1938
Extent1 file
ArchNoteFile reference on original file cover is given as 'AA 69/43847'. Original file cover disintegrated. Repackaged by Michael Greet (Archive Assistant) on 13 March 2019.
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