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TitleBattery Quartermaster Serjeant WILLIAM NEWMAN WRIGHT - ILFORD (BUCKINGHAM ROAD) CEMETERY - Royal Field Artillery

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Battery Quartermaster Serjeant William Newman Wright in Ilford (Buckingham Road) Cemetery, United Kingdom. Main topic concerns a request from the casualty’s next of kin requesting for a number of alterations to the grave, including the addition of two narrow shaped side panels on either side of the headstone, the raising of the headstone to accommodate a base block, the cleaning of the headstone, and a commemoration of the widow on a small panel on the grave. Response from the Commission requesting for the family to modify their proposals with regards to Battery Quartermaster Serjeant Newman’s grave. Correspondence from next of kin explaining the widow was also issued a grant in connection with the grave dated 28 February 1917. Correspondence from Ilford Town Hall explaining that the deed issued to the widow was valid and the matter was overlooked when the deed of grant was issued to the Commission in 1929. Further correspondence from the Commission to the next of kin confirming no objections would be raised with respect to the family’s proposals.
Content NoteIncludes: Internal note by L.H. Richards Legal Assistant explaining the grave is not privately owned by the Commission held a grant dated 5 April 1929 and explaining the difficulties posed by the proposed alterations in consideration of future maintenance by the Commission, dated 28 October 1949. Letter from K.F.B. Nicholls Town Clerk, Ilford, explaining the claim that a deed was issued to Newman’s widow was accurate and was overlooked erroneously when the Deed of Grant was issued to the Commission in 1929 and further explaining the relatives were keen to go through with their proposals but without altering the Commission headstone on the grave, dated 23 November 1949.
Date15/10/1949 - 9/12/1949
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