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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave of Gunner William Pearson in Glasnevin (or Prospect) Cemetery. Main topics include correspondence from Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries (DGRE) enquiring whether Gunner Pearson’s next of kin would desire for a wooden cross to be erected over the grave, correspondence from DGRE addressed to the Ministry of Pensions asking for the address of the next of kin, and later correspondence from the son of Gunner Pearson enquiring about the location of his father’s grave. Correspondence confirming that Gunner Pearson’s name was included on a central memorial erected in the cemetery to record the names of all war casualties buried in the cemetery whose graves were not marked by individual headstones. Correspondence with Gunner Pearson’s next of kin explaining the reasons for putting the names of war casualties on a central memorial and not marking individual graves as well as the Commission’s responsibilities with regards to maintenance in the cemetery. Correspondence with the Department of External Affairs, Dublin, regarding Receivable Order for the erection of a cross on the grave of Engine Room Artificer E. Glaister and further update with regards to Gunner Pearson’s grave. Correspondence from Department of External Affairs explaining the replacement of the metal cross was not their responsibility but could be carried out on a repayment basis if desired by the next of kin. Correspondence in connection with attempts to contact the next of kin and confirmation that no further response was received.
Content NoteIncludes: Completed DGRE form confirming that the burial was carried out by Gunner Pearson’s relative with no marker on the grave and agreeing for a temporary wooden cross to be erected over the grave, dated 7 September 1920. Handwritten letter from Gunner Pearson’s son enquiring about the location of his father’s grave, dated 22 October 1937. Further letter from Gunner Pearson’s son explaining he had to wade through waist-level grass to reach the grave in the cemetery and requesting for the iron cross marker over the grave to be replaced, dated 23 July 1949. Copy letter addressed to the next of kin explaining that the Free State Government of Ireland voluntarily took over the care and maintenance of British war grave in Ireland, including the erection of headstones, after the First World War and that it was not possible for a number of reasons to erect headstones on each individual grave in Glasnevin Cemetery, dated 4 October 1949.
Date4/6/1920 - 4/7/1950
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